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Its nice, and i normally cant stand big handcannons. This is actually the model i like most, with the longer barrel. If i had one id get that barrel threaded and fit a great big dont-*fruitcage*-wit-me muzzle break- like you see on the "big boy" .50 BMG rifles. Its the same length as mias deagle carbine in metal gear 4, except I dont know if you can get the stock.

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Added a Lancer Tactical GP-25 to my ICS Galil using a custom mount. Extremely solid and actually comfortable to hold. Slightly front heavy when fitted with a fully loaded grenade, not too bad empty.



And for when you really need to put some plastic down range. 3000rd drum mag and three TM Desert Eagles will do that just fine :gun:


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They make a railed top receiver (or receiver  cover) as well. I was able to snag both on sale for $15 each.


The gas tube fits great, zero wobble, even with a heavy optic. It did have about a millimeter of front and back movement, but zero side to side. I shimmed it with some electrical tape in the front portion of the tube and it is now 100% steady. Be careful removing the top receiver if you have a heavy optic though, it is held in place by fiction with the cover and can slide back potentially if tipped. Easily fixed with a set screw.


I hated the railed receiver though. Did not fit tight so it wobbled around, quite useless for use as an optic rail. Tried to steady it with shaped foam around the battery, just didn't feel right. Might work if it was secured with screws or a solid spacer.

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Decent after a paint job, but I had to reinforce everything inside by some aluminium rails and putty.

But, to be fair, I would not jump on it as it is a cheap plastic (even cheaper than the S&T Tavor...)

I lost the single/auto capability as the original plastic gearbox was replaced as well as the electric switch that was replaced by an electronic push style contactor. It shoots only auto but I will try to find a solution with a mofset.



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Its mostly the real deal gun. Only the receiver is a replica of steel. (Because of swedish law) But a super acurate one from the 90s if im right, no idea what brand. But steel and that true fosfate look.

Outer barrel is from TM Uzi. But will get a steel one custom made, both the standard lenth but also the american semi auto long barrel.


Rest is the real deal!

Lower even have all the original working parts in it. And those early sexy hebrew selector markings.


Internals are KWC c02 mini uzi. Alot of work to get it right, but not that much of rocket sience really.


Heres a video from early test with the KWC lower.


I have it working with real lower now, but had to cut off alot of metal on the KWC mag for it to fit. My goal is to get the KWC mag to fit in a real 32 round Uzi mag.

So its still a WIP but not much left now really.


But i can say this feels NOTHING like a weak plastic TM Uzi. Very heavy and robust with all the real parts. Even the old gun grease smell on it.  ;)

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Yeah, they are not fully inserted as you can se. Need to cut of the top and insert the KWC.

I rather have the real 32 mag while on display than the WIP totaly chromed out 25 kwc mag, from cutting the metal on the sides off. Looks like ###### atm but works.


Im currently moving to Stockholm, so prob wont have acces to powertools until x-mas again, while visiting my dad.

But ill keep you updated once progress is made.


The Uzis behind the first pic are two TM and two KWC for referens while doing the build.


This is my friend "Stelbents" idea from the start, so much cred to him.

We have been talking of producing gbb Mac-10 in fosfated steel, made pretty much like the real one in the future.

Since we have passion for the 90s action movie guns ;)

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