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My humble adition to the thread










It is a simple kydex holster for the chest rig central pouch, it is made with 1mm cheap kydex, so I dont think it will last long, but to test the concept... its good enough

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Wondering if one of you can point me in the right direction. I've a old ACU Molle II rucksack I was looking to get chopped and modded a bit into a sort of EDC messenger bag. Looking for someone stateside that might be interested, though I'll look across the pond if I have to.


To whom should I turn? Figured this was the best place to ask.

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Low profile laser cut hypalon chest rig.  The shock cord is more adjustable than the traditional X or H harness and also allows the rig to be comfortably worn at different heights.



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This does count right? :P



My very first piece of kydex: hello world!



I did quite a lot of "homework" before laying my hands on those wonderful thermoplastic. A "channel" is needed for weapon light equipped pistol holster, I bought a POM stock for some other project before and I found this to be perfect for X300's size, I can use the lathe ( and some other machinery ) in my workplace so I saw a section of POM and lathed into a more manageable shape, then saw again to fit on the both sides of trigger guard.

( At the end I found that Tamiya masking tape IS good quality, but not good enough for the job, I'm going to use 3M Scotch Blue like the pros next time... )



More channels... and mounting point for Safariland patterned accessory.


After some more tape and BOOM!

You can find the "proper" way very easily on Youtube so I'm not bothering to tell in text. Yes I screwed the taco but it's my very "first" prototype, I proceeded making the holster because I NEED the experience.

By the way the kydex was too hot and melted the foam of my press, again, NEED some more experience...


( I have invested an oven and some tooling but if I make around 5-8 holsters for my buddies for a cost lower than most "proper" custom holsters, we'are good. But no, sorry, I don't feel like doing commissioned kydex work for the moment. )


After some cutting and drilling...... 


Some more cutting drilling hammering screwing sanding buffing....... viola!



Screw belt loops, I've got MLS! Hell yeah! ( please ignore the small screws, didn't buy any washers...yet )


Ooooops, too low......


Way too low.........









edit: You're next!



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Thanks bro, but I still call it screwed up bcoz I imagined my taco holster should fold along front sight channel and the gun is tilted by few degrees. 


......BTW may be I got attached to this "the first" thing, it looks OK to me after trim > rivet > polish. Anyway, I think I've learnt quite a lot from this and I'm already looking forward making second one. :)

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Boom! Almost done... still not quite "right" compared commercially made holsters, for starters there's a "fold" where the kydex really folds, it's supposed to be smooth around the light and channel fillings.

Also there was not enough / too much pressure on the foam press that the muzzle side ends up curly, tried to reheat with heat gun and pushed by hand, it helped but still little bit curly.


Well I'm also considering about investment in a small belt sander which helps A LOT, and check about buffing tools and compounds, cos the glossy edge from the pros a really appealing...



Riveted and added a small tension screw, and final hand sanding up to 600 grit with water, high grit helps but 600 or even 400 will do if buffed later, if I'm careful enough to not leaving too much tool marks using dremel... :P




I tried to copy how Raven made their version, I was worrying about the gun able to drop from such a "revealing" hoslter design, surprisingly there's more than enough retention against shaking upside down, and it still holds even when pushed from the magwell.


Not yet drilled, pic showing Safariland spacer as my template when I built the "widget" using wider popsicle sticks which allows few degrees of cant while I decide where to drill the mounting holes.




(me taking picture of myself while holding both gun and holster on my waist... )

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I've been doing a bit of custom sewing for a little bit now (maybe 5 months). Everything is 330d Multicam with Milspec materials. Full album is here (http://imgur.com/a/jaFwF), but here are a few of the more innovative ones:


Modular Mag Pouch - MK17: Allows use with bungees, flaps, both, or neither.












Abdomen MOLLE Panel with removable stiffener to prevent floppage and a 5x 40mm pouch (this set is actually going to a Ranger):










CPC/JPC/AVS GRG Pouch with a backlight for low-light use:






Quad M4 Pouch with Frag/Dip Pouch:





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The rest of the stuff I make is mostly copies of the rare Crye pouches:








Small GP













The FLYYE tag and background was to troll with another group. I did indeed make this.




Compared with a real Crye M4 pouch on the left.

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Let me take off my hat, impressive skills, I would never say you have been sewing for "just" 5 months. They look incredibly proffesional and well thought


Pictures are a real pleasure and make me feel utterly jelous :lol:

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I figure this is the best place to ask, are there any UK based kit Tailors who do custom work on here? I'm looking for a very specific item to be made.



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