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may I suggest velcro closure rather than going for a zipper?

I had considered Velcro but was worried about it closing its self and the noise problem. I borrowed a friends bag (Think it was an old claymore bag) and ended up with it open the entire game. I am going to the Mall this week end so I'll see how it goes there and what needs adding (or taking away) after that.

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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Whoring around pics of this set.  Love 'em.  

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Well having played with it. I think it is going to need reworking, it needs to be about ten centermeters deeper and have another row of elastic inside to hold the mags in place more securely. Other than that though it worked very well.


However on the subject of the closure mechanism I don't think one is needed. Nothing fell out (even sliding down the slide into the ball pool)


We will see what happens with a MK2, I think I have enough material left to make another one.


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Had some time to spare, so I decided to finally go through on my plans to make a US 3-color headband for my MSA Sordins, and here's the result:


(clicky for larger pictures)





As you most likely figured by now, it's reversible.

I opted to go with velcro rather than just run off the mill padding, as this will also enable me to secure the headset to the velcro in my MICH 2001 when the headband is reverted as in the photos.



I also dug out my standard issue snow camo and decided it needed 'something extra', so I went out and bought some bits and bobs, and made a ghillie-esque thing out of the jacket, as seen here:





Excuse the shoddy photography in the latter pictures, I wasn't able to see through the bloody viewfinder to operate the focus with this thing on :P

You should still be able to get the general idea though...

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I think Yuka on the local boards had one. Or contact Wasted, he used to make super professional ones, and could probably help ya out with your project.


Might want to check SpecWar gear too IIRC.


Wasted had a tailor he and his company used. IIRC the company is no longer around.



It's really not that hard. Just take off and shift your choice of pockets. As long as you have patience and can sew.

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Just finished sewing a counterweight pouch and another headband cover in Lyng-3 RIPSTOP fabric.


It's not the prettiest thing ever, but it's mine, and it works.

The thread is actually the same color as the brown in the camo pattern, but the flash does odd thingies to it ;)




And the headband cover:




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Finished off the counterweight pouch and added internals...





The strobe is attached to the inside of the pouch for stability with velcro. The entire back side of the pouch is also covered in velcro, as to get a maximum grip, dependant on amount of velcro on the helmet.

In addition to the MS2000(M) strobe, it holds a waterproof bag of batteries for added weight.

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Anyone have any experiences with the above retailer? I want to buy some Multicam Condura, and DIY Tactical is out of stock. The last time I bought fabric on ebay, the stupid retailer sent me ACU cheap fabric with white pixels on them :angry:


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Does anyone know where i can get Desert DPM fabric (doesn't matter what type 500D, cotton etc) in the States? I can only turn up google searches for stuff in the UK.




Anyone have any experiences with the above retailer? I want to buy some Multicam Condura, and DIY Tactical is out of stock. The last time I bought fabric on ebay, the stupid retailer sent me ACU cheap fabric with white pixels on them :angry:


Yes, i've bought webbing and stuff from them. Super fast shipping. They're a great retailer.




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Two things that I have done recently (harness still not finished). First was a web-tex molle double ak pouch in dpm. Not being a fan of velcro or the poppers but being bugger all other choice for double pouches in dpm I bought them along with some other stuff from flecktarn.co.uk.


Then made a stop at my local surplus shop bloody handy living near a army barracks. These guys had mountains of spanish fly clips from all the modifications they do for the lads. So picked up a pair, 50p each bargin. Took these home and had real fun trying to get normal thread not to break after the third stitch. Lucky for me I found some thicker thread and had no more issues of the thread breaking. Another lucky break for me I had no sewing machine so this was all hand stitched. First with a the help of a thimble, but after doing about 12 or so stitches my finger was getting sore, as my finger was too big for the thimble, so I did the rest of the stitches with pliers ;p.


All I have had to do was remove some of the velcro from the flap, fold it over and stitch it, and then stitch the leftover cut velcro to the lower half of the spanish fly clip. Job done. The handy thing is if i ever come to sell this, then it can stay as is or be fully reverted back to velcro and popper fastenings. As you can see from the mud on it I have taken it and tried it in a game performed very well, just need to use it some more to break in the fabric on the top of the flap so it folds in on itself more when opened.








Second was a bit more simple. Just some stenciling and spray painting of my MLE Harness. I recently dyed this from tan to what was supposed to be olive green. Its greener but still really light in colour so I decided to break up the single colour with some sort of pattern. And as I'm loving my marpat at the moment I went for that. Printed a picture of some marpat off of google images, stuck it on top of some cardboard from a cereal box and cut out two different stencils, one with larger patterns and one with lots of smaller ones.


I used plasticote sprays bought from focus for £6.75 each. I used the larger pattern stencil with the brown and the smaller with the green. I still need to get a light tan sort of spray to dust on top on everything jsut to make it look a little less new. But I am happy with the result especially on the shoulder straps. I think i was a little heavy handed on the side panels, but the majority of those are going to be covered by pouches so it, doesn't matter as much really.







Enjoy, any questions feel free.

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@ Steinbrushsoldat: Could you possibly get close up pictures of the velcro on the night camo smock/parka? What sizing is it? And where did you get it? I plan on doing the same to some other jackets, but with green velcro. Is it just 4in milspec, sew on velcro tape? How do you get that clean edging on the borders of the velcro? I am guessing you heat it and "crimp" it down with needle-noses or something? Looking to get something nice and cleanly done like on my TAD jackets (obviously I'm not messing with them).


Thanks man!

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