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No, the pads are in permanently. I saw no reason to remove them, I'd just wear another pair of pants! I'm not experiencing a height problem, the pads are spaced to the top of the pocket, and hit my knees perfectly. They're not adjustable - that said, the legs will be adjustable around the kneepad area to prevent them from shifting around when moving.

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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Whoring around pics of this set.  Love 'em.  

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Gotcha. I sewed up one side of it yesterday, after making the pattern. I wanted to leave it removeable because my team runs like 3 different camos, and i find no need to buy multiple sets of kneepads. I'm having a little trouble with the contouring, the edges are puckering and looks a little sloppy. It fits fine and will hold up, but it's a bit sloppy looking.

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Very cool. Nice job, everything looks VERY tidy! I like the elastic retainers on the pistol mag pouches. I'm actually in the midst of modernizing a Chicom for a teammate. I'm swapping the toggles out for velcro, converting one of the grenade pouches to a radio pouch and the other to an M9 pouch. I will also change out the straps, like you have as well.

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For a modern Chicom, just throw some PALS and call it a done deal :D


Thanks. Due to my needs (primary magazines, secondary magazines, spare batteries for electroics), it was rather straight-forward and fun. However, it wasn't very fun when I did most it by hand until I realized I had a Singer sewing machine a closet.


I choosing to use the toggles instead of Velcro because I wanted for the chest rig to seem more original. I tried to use as much original material that I could; other than some buckles, elastic webbing and 24 inches of spare webbing, every is original and reused. Plus the Cotton shoulder strap are way more comfortable than Nylon according to my neck.


Looking forward to see your teammate's modern Chicom.

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It's a very small mod, but a no-brainer and works like a charm.


One of my younger brothers bought an ACM MBSS a while back, but hated MOLLE hydration packs. I lifted the buckles from the MBSS backplate and put them on a Gerber hydration backpack, allowing it to buckle on to the front half of the MBSS seamlessly.



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Hope I'm posting this in the right forum, I've contacted a couple of well-known custom manufacturers and they all seem to be offline/busy at the moment...


I am in the market for a custom MOLLE MP7 holster in OD that can securely hold the gun with an aimpoint micro sight attached to it as well as a silencer. I am also looking for a MOLLE MP7 mag pouch that holds 2 40 round mags in three pouches. I found these examples online at another forum, and I have an MP7 with sight and a similar WGC holster ready to ship to you in case you need to take measurements.








Please PM me if you are interested.

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Had the day to myself today, so i decided to go forward with my admin pouch project. I found that the admin pouches the i've got (Emdom SAF panel, Eagle type admin) didn't do what i wanted them to do. There wasn't enough space to hold my wallet, mobile phone and a map (at the very least). I was looking into a Milspec Monkey Stealth Admin pouch, but it costs $30+ and no one seems to have the Multicam one in stock. So i poked around my bin of fabrics (the only thing i bought was the zipper) and came up with this. I'm calling this the beta, not even a version 1.0 because i'm already planning changes for the next one i do. Mostly dimensional changes.


The admin is made of 500D Multicam urethane-backed Cordura. I like using 500D for pouches because 1000D is overkill, and i like the weight savings. It's also easier to sew. It's got an internal divided pocket on the inner-most side, with elastic on top of it for additional storage. The outer-most side has a single elastic strip to hold the folding map pouch that i whipped up. It's attached on the vest using Blackhawk Speedclips, which i actually like better than MALICE clips. I think the only things that i may need to add are some drain grommets on the bottom, and that's more or less it. The next version will be about 1 inch smaller on all sides. I like it so much that i'm going to make one for each of my rigs.



Mounted on my Gunvest Crye Chassis replica







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Love my Monkey Admin Pouch but it's a big bugger and does get in the way of my mag pouches. Especially as the pouches in question are shingles used for speed reloads. I considered having one made in two parts a full depth thin part then a shorter wider pouch up higher to allow clearance for the mags. Nice work though mate.

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Girlfriend's drilled and sprayed sansei mask lower half attached to some ESSs. 4mm drill bit keep bbs out and lets plenty more air flow. Zip ties are left like that deliberately as she liked the look:




And I'm sure one or two people may be fed up of seeing this rig recently, but some folks did ask to see it once it was all pouched up, so here's the Tiger Tactical custom built split-front load bearing rig:




Sadly I had to lose the bib due to making some mistakes in the design and it not sitting right, but without it it's a very good alternative to the 2-Piece MAV. Fits me perfectly (which was a big thing I was after), carrier a fair amount of stuff, and I've taken it to a couple of skirmishes already and I can happily say TT's built quality is top notch.

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