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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Homemade load-bearing exoskeleton, so I can carry more gun.     More photos over in the build thread.

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Thanks guys!


I bought it because i want to turn sewing into a business, would be crazy just for hobby purposes...


I'll set up my shop next week and snap a pic!


@squale: But I have a walking foot ;) But all my gear so far has been made on a Pfaff 360 home sewing machine, so yours is definitely GTG.

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trade secrets ;) most of it is lycra though, so I'm making 10speed style pouches for some people/me

speaking of, BFG style dumper, but with some customisation, lycra baffles instead of drawstring and printed sac. I think it's also a bit bigger than the original but I'm chucking a load of AK mags in there when I use it.



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