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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Homemade load-bearing exoskeleton, so I can carry more gun.     More photos over in the build thread.

Posted Images

The usual 2x Double magazine and 3x utility pouches setup but with a twist: the double magazine pouches are sewn onto a panel, similar to the kangaroo pockets you get on plate carriers.  This pocket accepts a velcro insert so that I can carry my L9A1 near my waist, which I prefer.




Urgh, UCP, I know.  It came with the knife but I will replace it once I have more time to make a new MTP sheath.




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Are we talking what we put in the hollow replica plates for weight, or what we make replica plates out of?

If it's the former then building sand. One of my friends uses sugar. I've also read of folks using plaster, as that solidifies (though if you fill the whole plate up then the weight if off).

If it's the latter then generally stuff like camping mat, foam and chopping board seems the most common.

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Yes, I am talking about the hollow replica plates.

I thought about sand and expensive foam. The first one would be the easier, though the sand has to be found (and living far from any beaches...). As for the foam I am not sure it would develop uniformly.

Sugar? Well yes... why not. But even though expensive, are there any risk of leakage (of course I would close the entry hole) or "cooking"?

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I filled my hollow plates with sand, then I taped up the entire plate so that even if the shell cracked it would not leak. The weight of the filled plates equaled the weight of real ESAPI plates.


I replaced them with two layers of foam and one layer of cardboard that were cut like a plate, and taped together. I didn't like how the sand in the hollow plates kept moving around and created a bulge towards the middle lower part of my ribcage. That leads me to think that expanding and solidifying foam would be better to use except it won't get a realistic weight. Though, you could always buy some training plates…

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I've been tempted to use a mixture of expanding foam and small stones to get the weight right without having something in the plate that can move around, not sure how effective it would be. I suppose another alternative would be plaster padded out with something extremely lightweight like polystyrene packing foam to reduce the weight while retaining rigidity. 

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Regarding filling hollow plates.  If you cut the top open, put in 100mm or so of sand then a layer of expanding foam using the long nozzle.  Then repeat until full.  The foam will keep the plates shape and prevent it bulging.

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Mayflower UW Gen. IV Modified for 7.62


I had to cut out all the sown in AR mag inserts (all the while trying to forget that I was taking scissors to a roughly $200 chest rig). I then fabric glued some velcro strips in place to make the flap a kangaroo pouch. I then added velcro to a TT 7.62 shingle and used that as a kangaroo pouch. I chose to do this over getting the Gen V because I don't like the split front design of the V. It places my weak side mags too far from my reload hand for my comfort. Not to mention that the Gen. V is $75 more. I may opt to get some kydex for the mag pouches but other than that, I'm pretty much done.







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I have been sewing for about a year now. I love being able to concept gear and bring it to life.


Examples of some of the work I have done...














Hydration Carrier and 40mm Pouches




Thanks for taking a look!

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Few mths ago a fellow S'ofter from Norway (wonderful fellow that he is !) gave me some goodies in M98 , a CV-1 vest and some combat kit .

The vest was produced for the G3 but the Norwegian forces now run HK416's , so having a TM recoil one decided to mod the vest to suit an M4 platform instead .

As you can see from the rather crappy phone photos it used a type of molle system based on 2inch webbing not 1inch and the mag pouches were a pair of doubles so i stripped it and the pouches down and re-assembled in standard 1inch so I can use the pouches on other carriers if I wish , and as a bonus with the material that was left over from making new back panels I was able to knock up a few other pouches , result !

Pouch list as was , 2x double two times G3 mag pouch , 2x utility pouch and one small utility .

Now I have 1 double quad M4 2x single quad M4 , 1 small utility , 1 large utility , 1 radio pouch , 1 dump pouch and a hydro carrier .

Vest as was ;


Pouches as were ;


Vest now changed ;


Pouches mod'ed ;



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Well, after a bit of an argument with the sewing machine, and a call to good old Mum, I managed to produce the following, using the guide ala 'team duck' which I am certain is linked to in this thread..




Despite being a bit of a failure as the pouch sucks a bit, I am happy with the process and I know where I went wrong!  The webbing straps are one of the downfalls, as they don't let the pouch hold any shape.  The other issue is the webbing I have used for the molle retailing straps; They are a tad too short and not all of them have held under tension.  Alas, a shame but not a waste!


All I need to do now is either get some kydex/similar or somewhere in the UK that I can get the HSGI inserts from then I will start on V2!


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A customer provided me with a MOLLE Belt Sleeve (made by British Tactical). He wanted a SADF Niemoller-esque harness, which I had to make, added.

I had to unstitch the top edge of the belt and rebind after sewing the harness in place.  


Original belt sleeve (but in multicam):





Finished mod:













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A customer provided me with a MOLLE Belt Sleeve (made by British Tactical). He wanted a SADF Niemoller-esque harness, which I had to make, added.

I had to unstitch the top edge of the belt and rebind after sewing the harness in place. 

That's nearly my future project, nice!


I have SADF west, and I made a small molle panel on it it. Next step will be to make a molle base similar to yours... And make some/most of the removed pouches molle compatibile...

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