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Allmost done with some Postapoc game gear.   Made mostly from real junk, fitted to a hockey torso protection. Police riot protection on the legs. Voicechanger under mask with loud speaker hidden i

Just finished up this leather pancake holster for my series 70. Stitch work is pretty rough (and not a proper saddle stitch) but I'm really happy with it considering its the first leather work I've do

Homemade load-bearing exoskeleton, so I can carry more gun.     More photos over in the build thread.

Posted Images

Small custom mod here,


I recently bought my first modern plate carrier, a secondhand ACM 6094.


I'm usually a belt kit kinda guy, maybe a chestrig at a push, but this was a bargain so I thought I'd give it a go.


First issue was I needed some dummy plates to keep it in shape, 20mins and one interlocking foam floor tile later, plates done, a lot lighter than my old issue CBA!


But while it was comfy, I found ripping open the huge vecro panel to release the cummerbund excruciatingly noisy and frankly a ball ache.


I had a vague idea about replacing the velcro with some clips, until I found somebody had beaten me to it.




Now me being cheap I wasn't about to pay loads of shipping for that, so i grabbed a couple of 25mm clips and some velcro from my sewing box and made one, and a sling at the same time.








Still comfy, just a lot easier and quieter to put on, totally reversible/ no permanent changes to rig, the velcro tab is just folded back on itself with the paracord "handle" threaded through the pals webbing on the outside.


The clips are fitted with a 6" strip of velcro, hook one side and loop the other sewn back to back to engage both sides under the flap, very solid.


Same for the sling, 6" velcro hook/loop on a 25mm webbing strap biting into the velcro joining the shoulder strap.



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Nice work.  Only PC I had which used that standard velcro flap was the DCS and the one time I skirmished it I really wasn't a fan, there's so many faster, easier options out there and granted you lose one PALS column with a lot of them but you only need it on one side so that seems like a valid sacrifice to my mind.

If I had the time I'd make that up as some sort of a kit to sell, would cost hardly anything at all to make.

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I haven't skirmished it yet, and I have a little while to play with the setup, I need to be able to swap quickly between 5.56 and 7.62 mags, so I'm considering a BFG triple sr25 pouch across the flap instead of the bulky triple AK wedge, but I just found a cheap Toysoldier 7.62 triple kangeroo pouch coming in the mean time.


I want to keep the front pretty slick so I can get prone my Sr25.



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Some custom gear (Well, custom helmet and heavily modified holster setup).

Rabintex Attack replica courtesy of a russian CSOR re-enactor and Heroshark, with Ops Core H harness, a mix of helmet pads, real CADEX NVG mount and Petzl Tactikka +.








Also acquired a 6005 shroud for my Safariland, and bolted on a SOG Seal pup knife as seen in one of my ref pics. The Sig 226 is fitted with an extended mag, real Surefire X300U and DG pressure switch.







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Your holster is unmodified commercially available parts. I am confused why it is here.

Messed up the picture links. Sheath and shroud have both been modified, drilled to mount the sheath on the shroud.






Currently waiting on another pair of rivet nuts to finish it off. 


If it's not custom enough for you I do apologise for the offence and confusion caused. 




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I apologise in advance for posting my holster AGAIN, but photographed a little bit more properly :P
here we go...






One does not simply take a picture of a pistol without an edged tool :P

( I made that thread trimmer sheath with scrap material and I quite like it, not for game use but I take that to fishing instead, great for cutting fishing lines )



Belt kit

( I've only made the holster and sheath )

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Thought this might be the best place to ask.


I want a Gorka suit/BDU (do not care about cold weather protection, just for airsofting). I believe the one I like is the Gorka-E in Partizan or Waffen SS pattern, like so:





But they are hard to find in my size and very expensive for something Ill wear maybe twice a year.


Since I have very cheap and ingenious tailors in my vecinity, I was thinking about getting a cheaper Partizan suit like this one (although with a more classic pattern):




and have the tailor sew on some brwon reinforcement material.


A) How good/bad of an idea do you guys think this is?

B) What type of cloth should I get for the Brown parts?



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The problema with the one you linked to is that it isn't being offered in the Waffen SS or leto pattern I like.


Also, that shop offers partizan suits for 36$. Add 15$ in fabric and 20$ for the tailor work (they take my pants in for 2 euros!), and Im getting a Gorka-looking suit for 70$. Plus shipping.

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