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G&G GR16 A3 internals

The Saint

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I'm getting a G&G GR16A3 (full length, metal/SG version) and was wondering if anyone can provide some first hand experience about the internals. I'm ordering some upgrade parts, but since that'll take time to get to me, I don't want to wait until I actually receive the gun and crack open the mechbox. I'd like to know what to order now and have it sent out before I actually receive the gun. I've tried Googling, but there just aren't that much information, and much of it is contradictory or vague.


So this thread is aimed at people who actually own the G&G GR16A3 (within the last two years, because of TWese MFG's tendency to change things over time) or has done mechbox work on one. Please, I'm NOT looking for hearsays or information on other versions of the G&G, so please do not post that here.




Is the spring guide metal? Does it have bearings?


Does the piston head have bearings?


Are the bushings solid or bearings?


Is the hopup chamber plastic or metal?


Is the spring linear or non-linear? What's the chronied FPS? (NO guesses or popcan results, please)


Does the air nozzle have an O-ring?



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