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Artistic Airsoft

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Pic I took yesterday in the safezone at Finmere. (Hence, no mag in the gun)


I thought it looked kinda cool, so I thought I'd offer it up here.

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u know wot guys? this is very nice and i like it. i just think its kinda sad when u do the same with females and u get people going in to say "oh this cheapens our sport" "this is pointless" etc.


why is there a different attitude of disdain from some guys when artistic shots involve females instead of males?


Its all in this thread here:



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I was taking some photos for the G36 thread, and went a wee bit artsy-fartsy

Excuse the backdrop, but 'round these parts you don't stroll about with weapons in plain view...


Current status of my ongoing G36K project;

Still awaiting:

- One-point sling

- New G&P K-length stock

- Guarder MOD vert-grip

Might get some ladder rail covers in OD eventually... And considering to paint the current stock (C length) OD to match the rest of the furniture...Still not quite sure.

Oh, I'm also getting an ArmyCode reciever as soon as my paycheck is big enough.

I also have a C carryhandle and a flat-top Carryhandle for it.


You'll have to excuse the watermarks, but due to past events that's how I roll these days...

And yes, I went a bit artsy-fartsy with these :P








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Strike a pose. :P


Result of my younger cousins and I getting bored with my D60. Unfortunately I do not have any decent programs to filter the picture and I cut off a tree in the back ground and included a little too much sky, but meh, whatever. :rolleyes:


As for our equipment, we're desert airsofters and lack any decent equipment for airsofting in that green stuff and we're gently suprised how our DPM's blended in better than our U.S. Woodland. ;)

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Here's a few pics of me and my stuffs...



The ol' TMP & Sawn off room clearance combo.




Dual Glocks in my sorta post-apocolyptic Stormtrooper impression :P








My TMP and a bit o'blue fer dads.




Have at thee!




Execution with a Kar98... can't say fairer...


Got a few more, but yea, there you go.


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