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Unit 318

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So anyone know how to take out the body pins D": I'm stuck.


They seem pretty stuck, but since there are no screwable parts then i'd reckon its a job for a hammer. I'll be putting mine into pieces (and hopefully back into original shape) next week. So updates from me then :P

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Right so AGM hk416 is worth getting?


I hope so... i`m now holding out until my preferred retailer has them in at the end of September.


didn`t really fancy getting a plastic cheapsoft again had bad experience with jls scar :(


I've already ordered some replacement iron sights just because i prefer the sights that come on the g36/g3/mp5.


So has anyone with this rifle given it a proper skirmish kicking yet? i noticed alot of people saying they were getting it as a plinking rifle...


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I used it in a 5 hour game : )

It held up great, and for some reason, the battery didn't go out on my like some people said. My battery outlasted my friend's 8.4v in his CYMA M14.

It held up well to diving prone, though the magazine well is a bit loose :C I want to fix that somehow.

The sights are utter rubbish when you get the gun, so I picked up a set of SRC 416 irons. They're great. The stock is also shot, so if you do get the gun, be prepared to replace that too. The hop up is solid, although after an hour of continuous firing, I felt it start to roll downward. It was a quick fix by readjusting.


You will want one of these:



Aside from the spring apparently being 'too powerful' and such, it's a fancy rifle for such a price. I love it. <3

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Im glad you like the replica too, but a question... could you post a photo of those ironsights and where to get them? Im still using the HK backsight and found a fron flip up sight attached to the rail, similar to the one used in the JG Stubby killer wichis is very similar to the VFC front sight, its quite cheap, but way better than the stock one.


My Hk RIS doesnt wobble, but U can allways attach a reddot eotech or any kind of sight to keep the body and the Ris firmly tight :)

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Huh, my 8,4V NiMH didn't have enough juice to fire more than 2 shots on my first gameday. Luckily i got a 9,6V nunchaku from a friend and taped it to the RIS like a pro ;) Nowadays i got my own 9,6V NiMHs.


I've prolly already stated this earlier in this thread but my RIS clanks a bit. Wobbly would mean it goes side to side like old plastic Maruis did. This turns a tad to counterclockwise and clockwise, which is due to the built itself. It's a bit loose, but could be fixed with some thick tape or something like that. Epox maybe.


Oh, about that railthing that you (Unit 318) used to attach the receiver and the front rail together. I'd have a problem with that as you can see from this picture: The front sets rail is a wee bit higher than the receivers :l


I really need to get my hands on another AGM HK416. I think they've made a new batch, from seeing your guns, with lots of refining. And i've got the ugly duckling :( Oh, and my magwell is just fine. No magwobble detected, it's as fine as my G&P Colt :/


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Unit 318: great sights you have there.... ;) but I think Airsoft GI doesnt ship to europe, which a shame since I have seen some great products... Lucky I found a flip up front sight similar to the one you have on ebay and ebaybanned is selling the one you have separatly too, but its ACM, so I dont expect great quality from it :)


Gestaa: If you are thinking about getting a new HK, I would suggest you to keep that AGM for a while and wait a bit since rumors say that Dboy is going to launch their own HK416, and Dboys M4s are great, so that Hk should be great too. What I have seen about AGM HKs is that Rsov is selling them but with plastic body, like JG :S

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I really need to get my hands on another AGM HK416. I think they've made a new batch, from seeing your guns, with lots of refining. And i've got the ugly duckling :( Oh, and my magwell is just fine. No magwobble detected, it's as fine as my G&P Colt :/


Magwell problem seems to be me and only me. But I think you should wait to buy another 416, DBOYs is releasing there's soon! You have a beautiful first batch. I have the second batch with false production serial numbers :P That's right, the "No. 051" is the universal serial number.


And as for the sights, hell, I bet the ACM ones are of comperable quality. I say do it, what do you have to lose :3

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... What I have seen about AGM HKs is that Rsov is selling them but with plastic body, like JG :S




I'm sorry, I missed your point there :P Did a search on RSOV for 'hk416' and that's the only AGM that came up. And that's the one I ordered myself :P


And.. Whoah.



There it is, fullmetal DBoys. Out of stock atm tho' ;) What bothers me is the fugly front set. Mine's prettier.. Must have flipup-sights.

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Bad search you did gestaa... :P








Well that Dboys M4 looks ok to me, but I will wait for their HK416 and see if it lives at their reputation :)

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Well.. Duh. Excluding the obvious different versions of the same gun with the variation being the location of the battery.


And other news: Still haven't put mine to pieces, been a few months of happy skirmishing with mine. No problems whatsoever.

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I stripped my AGM 416 down on the first night and confirm it has metal bushes a very heavy spring guide and seems very well put together.

I have a dboys with two broken gearboxes they do have the worst gearbox of the popular clones not including jls or any plastic gearboxes.

(Apparently the black gearboxes are a bit better.)

Barrel was filthy and it probably would not have shot very well uncleaned.

I put a systema m100 in mine and at the chrono it did 354fps but I got it down to 350 with some dry firing and hop adjustment.

I got the full stock long one and there is no rattle or wobble etc on the whole gun it's rock solid.

I have skirmished with it for around 8 hours but some of this was mil sim so not a huge amount of rounds.

So far very pleased performs well in all areas would recommend it to anyone but don't feel the need to get any new parts so if you get one wait and see if you need new sights and stocks first.


I would say this is better than my TM m16A2 and my dboys m4 and I prefer it to my friends TM m4 s system.


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Do have an AGM HK416 now for 4 months and have played with it in Woodland and CQB for long days. Battery and replica have not let me down. The only time I had a problem with the HK was when it was minus 4 degrees celcius and the battery was lacking power. Due to the fact a lot of people had this problem that day I considered this a battery problem due to the cold.


When the AGM arrived I completely took it apart. There was a lot of grease in the gearbox so I cleaned it out and put everything back together. There were and still are metal bushing and bearrings in my gearbox. I also replaced the spring to an Prometheus M110 spring to stay below the 350fps and that works. No changes to the hopup or barrel whatsoever. Due to the collapsable stock I only broke the fuse-holder when I pushed the stock back. That is my fault, I should have put the fuse-holder in its correct position.


At the moment I am using Biostar 0.20 and 0.25 BBs and after some hopup adjustments it shoots great. At the moment I can hit a man size target at 50-55 meters away. This is also due to the BBs. Used to shoot 1st Target but then you hit everything 1st but the target.


Conclusion: yes, might tighten a few screws before it is really not wobly but that is really too easy to fix to even complain about. I just wish they sold these replica with a spring option so when I buy the replica I could choose whether I want to shoot max 350fps - 400fps or 450 fps with this puppy.

The only con for me: the space available to put the battery in the stock. There is not much room to fit a crane stock battery in here. After I removed the peace of plastic in the middle of the stock (you can just pull it out) there is enough room. Remember though, if you battery does not slide it do not push it because if you want to remove your battery and you have to really pull you might pull your battery apart. There is enough room for the battery to smoothly slide it in. If you have to use force to put your battery in the stock then you are doing it WRONG!!!


For me it is worth the money and I am very very happy with this replica. Just a little maintenance like with any other replica every month and I think it will last some time (I hope). So yeah, I would recommend this replica to anyone.

Bought the replica at UNCompany for last info.

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Opened my AGM HK416 few days ago (not the mechbox tho') and noticed that the bushings are yellow metal. As in brass or something. Can someone verify what metal are they?


I'd imagine brass is better than nylon as bushing-material but still too flimsy to be shooting 1,44J like mine does..


The front set was pretty wobbly at first but after i tightened the delta ring (pretty bulky that one) it's really rigid now.

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Well, my brother bought AGM HK416 last Sunday. No field tests so far (((

But it is, as was already said, rock solid ))) The crane stock wobbles a little, that's true, but not handguard.

The front sight is a folding one, unlike Unit318's ))

I have tested MAG midcaps and they are a little loose in the magwell. I reckone some duct tape on the inside of the magwell will improve this.

I am going to field test it on the 9th of January as my Famas undergoes an upgrade )))


I am not going to strip it as it is on warranty ))) Maybe, a month later )))


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