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where did you get the nav, main lights, and the laser thats awesome!



The Surefire front with the lights is a real steel part (the laser is an airsoft item that also holds my a/s battery for now). I have a real steel G36/SL8 with alot of G36 real front ends, etc. so I mix and match alot between the real and airsofts. Even the real and airsoft mags will lock into each other. Check the madbull AGX grenade launcher threads for other photos.


Here's one quick pic of my real G36/SL8 with an airsoft Madbull launcher on it.



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hmm...I say the bottom one is Airsoft...but i never knew that CA got the G36 THAT close...its almost scary seeing them together...what if someone picked up the real one thinking it was the airsoft and shot you?...there goes airsoft as a legal sport...*flushes toilet*....right down the drain

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