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Before I begin...




Alright, let's get started on this tasty piece of kit. :P


As a 17-year old student, it's fairly obvious to say that I don't have $260 to burn on TAD's own serious bit of gear. I've got a bit of a thing for softshells, and when the Stealth hoodie V3.0 replica turned on EbayBanned for the princely price of £40-odd and free shipping, there was no way I could resist!


Initial Impressions






The attention to detail on the hoodie is probably what grabs you the most. Authentically-replicated card tags, sewn-in tags, and even a replica TAD velcro patch! At first glance everything appears to be reasonably well-made, with no loose stitching or random pieces which I have known to fall off some ACM gear!






So it all seems pretty good...but lets look deeper!


Materials and Build Quality


Next is the material that the hoodie is manufactured from - and Ebaybanned claim that it is windproof, water-resistant, breathable and durable membrane - but this is where things get sketchy. At first touch, it does not feel like a softshell - it feels nowhere near as soft or hard-wearing as my Regatta softshell I use for hiking. According to the label inside the hoodie:




Unfortunately I have yet to test the water resistance and wind-proofing etc. of the hoodie, but I will be testing it thoroughly this weekend - so look out for updates! However, I performed the infamous shower test for 15 seconds under a warm shower at medium to full power, and on the whole it actually help the majority of water off, and only on the hood did the water feel that it was really going to eventually come through. Before jumping in the shower, I poured glasses of water over it only to see the water slide with ease off the hoodie. It is pretty clear that it will be able to withstand all but the most prolonged English downpour!




Needless to say, the outer material feels average - it's not terrible, but still not up to par with other 'proper' softshells on the market. The lining of the hoodies is nothing special either...I'm not exactly convinced that lining is actually Coolmax material, but only a skirmish will tell! Another area of the hoodie which is supposed to aid cooling and ventilation are the strategically place zips; some for storage, and others for ventilation. Most of these have a mesh materials behind them, although I was disappointed to see that at the pit-zips there was no mesh material - whether this is the same on the real version, I cannot say.




The hood has all manner of toggles and pull-strings which allow it to be tightened to the user's liking - although I personally despise hoods in any shape or form...so hopefully I won't be using it, although it has a nifty little peak which should keep water out to an extent.




As per the real thing, the replica has large squares of loop velcro located on the arms, and as on other ACM clothing, the velcro seems to be attatched fairly poorly. I also have quite a major concern for the water-proofing on the zips themselves - water soaks into them almost instantly, and it can hardly be a pleasant experience having water leaking in through all the zips!




It's not bad, honestly. The sad thing is that my £30 Regatta softshell is a ton nicer, and cheaper (now why don't they make those in ME Brown! :( ). But that's where you honestly need to think about why you are buying this softshell replica. For me personally, it was something to look good with my Multicam, and hopefully keep a few of the harsh elements out whilst skirmishing. On that level, it achieves it's aim pretty to the max, and as a cheap replica softshell, it is awesome.


No, it's not going to keep you dry, warm, and ventilated every time you use it. If that's what you are wanting in a jacket then buy the real thing (I'd love one), but for your average spring skirmish, I don't see how this replica could be any better for the price it is at! :)

Just don't be fooled into thinking you are getting the real thing - it has a long way to go for it to be that!




Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions/picture requests please do not hesitate to ask!




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Looks about right. I have the v 3.0 Stealth Jacket.


IF that's a replica, they have the packaging and so on down to the gnat's *albartroth*. The label on the baggie in which the jacket arrived is exactly like that found on the genuine article.

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Yes guys, it's the Fourstar 'Tactical Softshell', as they call it on the website.


The size is large, being relitavely short myself, the length is absolutely perfect...although it's pretty tight fitting as the photo shows! :P


EDIT: My bad, it says its based on the V4.0 on EbayBanned...wierdly enough, the photos on there don't show the hood, either. :S

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Got mine today!

Mine was without hood! (Bought GREEN)

It fits perfect! (I had to go XL, real one would be L, guess its Chineese sizes).

First off, it came in a brown padded envelope, and I was surprised over how small it was packed!

It was also labelled "Used Nylon Cloth" and 8 hong kong dollars, hehee.


I drove around with it to see if it became clammy, but it feels really "breathy". Great fit, and excellent value for money! Some of the inner lining feels a bit itchy (Was using a t-shirt).


And it looks awsome ;)

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I Bought one of these jackets out of interest as i bought the Real Tad gear one a few months ago.

There are a few differences as pointed out in the original post the material is slightly different and also a slightly lighter shade than TAD,s ME Green.


The inner part of the replica jacket does not have the same coolmax lining that the TAD one has so might not disperse sweat as well.


Little minor details like the zip garages are a lot tighter on the replica.

The material of the replica isnt as soft to the touch nor does it have the stretch of the real item.


I haven't had a chance to skirmish in my replica but if it is anything like the TAD jacket i will be well pleased.

I have worn the TAD hoodie in -3 centigrade with just a wicking base layer and been comfortable.


For the price these look to be a good alternative and it has to said if you are crawling around in the dirt, tearing an elbow out of one of these replicas is going to be a lot less painful than tearing the real thing!

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I received my Brown jacket a few days ago (sans hood.) I'm really liking it. It's hard getting used to not having pockets in the usual spot to put my hands in, but I think the style is better for it. I've since ordered one in green and a brown one with a hood as well. Very nice items for the price.


One quick question. Do the gen. TADS have these strange knotted paracord toggles on the zippers or is that a Chinese cost-saving measure? Not sure yet if I like them or not (the toggles, that is. I'm fine with the Chinese.)

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Well it's rainy season here in Japan and so far mine has survived 1 Tyhpoon and several heavy tropical down pours followed by heavy humidity and these are bloody great!


I have the version without the hood and I have to say that these are as water poof as they come, the rain was just beading off mine and alas my trousers got soaked.

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hmm, i've got a ME brown hoodless one in the mail....


all these positive comments are making me want to order an OD one aswell


Haha. That's what I did. I waited to receive the ME brown hoodless to check the size before I ordered the green hoodless and ME brown hooded, though.


It's a gamble between ordering some others before you know the size is correct vs. worrying that they may be sold out. I see that some of the jackets are down to quantities of 8 and 9 pcs. each and the green hooded jacket is already sold out (At ebaybanned at least. Are there other shops that are selling the same jackets?)



One thing that's currently bothering me about the jacket is that at the top of the zipper, on the side with the 'zipper garage', the collar flap keeps folding/tipping in toward my neck instead of staying straight. And when the zipper is completely done up, the whole front of the collar tips in toward the front of my neck. Pretty minor issue, all things considered, but it bugs the hell out of me. I might try a few things to fix it and I'll post up if anything works in case anybody else is having the same 'problem.'

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After wearing my OD replica and then my EB TAD jacket alternatingly for a few weeks just 'around,' I have to say that the breathability of the real garment is FAR superior to the replica. While this is to be expected, it bears pointing out.


The TAD jacket keeps out wind and (some) cold, but you don't get that muggy, sticky feeling inside the jacket since the moisture your body creates is released through the fabric. The replica, while it's quite good, is made from fabric that is nowhere near as breathable and, as a consequence, you get a bit more sticky when wearing it. Still an excellent value, but it's lacking a bit in the comfort department especially if you've worn the real one.



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