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Vipers New British Digital DPM Camo Range

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Vipers New Launch of British DPM Digital range has just this second hit the market & we're one of the First retailers with it.


They have released the camo in the Full Modular range, Drop leg systems & LA Special Vest & South African Assault Vest


Our New website www.valiantsupplies.com has the full range at




For more Viper products you'd have to hop onto our Ebay site as the New website is still being rapidly populated.




You guys need any help just give us a call...... Will be adding imagery onto this Thread of scenics taken with the new kit on. I first frowned for 10 minutes when looking at this new form, but after seeing it in action & against the Normal DPM I just love it, I can't wait till British Digital DPM clothing to hit the market.


Valiant_Supplies_Ltd_Viper_Digital_DPM_LAPD_LA_VEST_ATTACK_BATTLE_VEST2.jpg LA Special Forces Vest

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