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What music are you currently listening to?

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Rainbow in the Dark - Dio


Blimey is it 1980-something?


What an amazing piece of music. Was that on Holy Diver? Oh what an album. He sang Die Young with Sabath, great stuff. I rode a motorbike back then, had long hair (all my own) & killed people for real. :unsure: Oh happy days........................


Any how, back to 2008, I'm currently well impressed with Metalica's Death Magnet. Best stuff from them in years. First listening had me prancing round the bedroom like some demented teenager,,,,,,,,,,,oo, my neck!




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Sabaton - Primo Victoria and Panzer Battalion

Makes you want to rush headlong into machine gun fire bellowing the national anthem and waving a HUGE Union Flag.



Fixed, and WIN!


(I'm converted now)

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