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What music are you currently listening to?

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Kid Rock - rock 'n' roll jesus


Never listened to a Kid rock song before this album, but this i like :D very southern , i just hope he sticks to this kinda music instead of his crapmusic...

I guess touring with the Skynyrd straightend him out :P


kings of leon - only by the night


heard the single 'sex on fire' on the TV the other day, and really liked the sound of that song, halfway through the album so far, and i must say i quite like it! really digging the sound of it... reminds me of someone but i can't quite put my finger on it yet...

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The only moment we were alone - Explosions in the Sky


Quiet - This Will Destroy You


I do love me some post-rock :)


[RANT] Devendra Banhart is just a new age hippie from Venezuela. He gets into San Francisco Art School on a scholarship when he is 14, due to his drawing abilities. It wasn't until he realised woman like musicians to people that can draw. I'm not at all resentful just because he gets to go home to Natalie Portman every night. God how i hate him.


http://doucheworld.wordpress.com/2008/08/2...vendra-banhart/ - great article.




Sorry folks, continue :)

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