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What music are you currently listening to?

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Been listening to Edguy's Rocket Ride the past couple weeks a lot, pretty much haven't taken it out of my Jeep's CD player. The only other person to mention Edguy thus far in this thread was Azubi, who's musical selections I'm finding pretty cool. Also been listening to random Sonata Arctica songs, and Korpiklanni (one of the most amusing bands ever, hail Folk Metal), for the last couple nights.


And with all the UK members here, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Porcupine Tree, prog rock that makes you feel like you're on some bizarre drug trip, lol. I think I'll go trip, errr, listen, to some Porcupine Tree right now, Sky Moves Sideways feels like a good album at the moment...


You can really get into the music with some good vintage speakers and good amp. For next to nothing in cost, my 600watt Tandberg running a massive old pair of Sony's and Kenwoods does a good job of vibrating one half of the house and providing wonderful musical entertainment for the neighbors, although I just about never have it that loud. Sounds really nice too.

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The Mortal Kombat theme song.


It's effing epic. :D


By Orbital? Awesome!! I know one of the guys indirectly.


Metal is for women and small children, guys. What you need is a bit of 80's rock.


'Wait' - White Lion.



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Who cares :) Seeing them soon. Its gonna be crazy!!


They were pretty good when I saw them live tbh. Was right up front near the speakers, first gig ever :)


The Lost Vikings - Dethklok


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