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What music are you currently listening to?


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No one been listening to owt the past few days? :P


Rush - Kevin Tandarsen. Not the kinda thing I'm usually into, but the vocals are nice, n when the bass kicks in..


now <3 Can't decide if I prefer this version or the re-con remix. Eh, tis a classic either way.



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quite a bit of DnB today. my monitor's busted, so i'm on my folks PC which is hooked up to an 8" sub and some half decent speakers (the speakers on my PC are awful).


just finished pendulum's 'axle grinder', i love that build up, sadly the rest of the track doesnt quite match the intro :( also just discovered a song by them called 'distress signal', pretty cool IMO.

anyone here heard pendulum's new track 'ransom'? there's a live recording of it on a noisia set on youtube if you havent. i think it's pretty damn cool, they've certainly gone back to their roots, not a hint of indie rock to be heard :)


HaVoC, LoG's lyrics are easy to understand. you should try decyphering some of the berzerker's stuff without a lyrics sheet, even i struggle at that sometimes. :P

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