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Pictures Of Your Girlfriend!


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aww not feeling yourself... i would of thought you did that every night.


a case of crabs will do that to a man... dont worry you will be back on track in no time.

who said anything about crabs :unsure: i dont have crabs :)

oh and i didn't mean i wasn't feeling myself, what i meant was i didn't feel like my usual self <_< and i still dont :(


I can't get crabs...no hair!

and we needed to know that because????????


Rob wake up to the real world! (you'll find some one i promise)

.....Things could be looking up for me i could be on my way to having a gf.......but then again i would lose my devine studlyness for total devotion...... Oh well it'll be  shock to the system!

I hope so, but its not looking to good at the moment :(


It shocks me to think that Rob ain't toching himself, but meh... (talked to him on msn too much...)


Come back as fanboy now you're feeling better :P  i could use a "sensei"


yes, it shocks me too :o

and im not better yet, ill be a while befor i come back as fanboy


Why would I be joking? :( It is very sweet of you! I'm all hurt now....

aww, poor hardcore :wub:

Joe, never hurt hardcore..ever :waggle:

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Damn right i thought you were seriously rocky :rofl: for some what reason am in a pleasent mood today ^_^

lol its harder online because you can't hear the tone of voice...


hehe... N_Rs an EMO!!!



I bet Ghosts an emo too, look at the picture ;)


*shut up...shut up all of you...*

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Oi, insult me by calling me EMO


And who ever mentions EMO again will get a free official moaning EMO boy to annoy them.




Emo and elmo :elmo: and a bit of the cookie monster :cookiemonster: sesame street was all good apart from those two dudes that sleep together in the same bed... putting gays in kids programs is not good... i mean come on look what telly tubbies did, one of em had a handbag...


anyway i am mumbling alot of pretty much nothing so i need some more coffee.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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