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Danish M84 loadout.

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hi lads just found this thread


some of your gear is pretty good


i got myself a M/84 load-out to,


i got:

Hmak Trousers

TacGear combat shirt (for winter)

Tacgear coolmax BDU shirt (for summer)

Black combat boots


OD Molle vest (soon to be replaced with M/84 molle vest)

6 cqb m4 mag pouches

Combat kit M9 drop leg holster

Replica mich helmet with Tacgear cover


and a few bits and bobs


i wil try and get some pic's up soon


oliver :D :D

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I'm working on a Danish M84 loadout at the moment. Got a brand new jacket and trousers for £58.. Most websites want more than that so if anybody wants the phone number for the shop (They do mail order) just PM me or email me (ab_jay@hotmail.co.uk).


Not going for accuracy just love the look of it so the only thing I'm getting in M84 is the Jacket, Trousers and Helmet cover. Will post pics when it's complete :)


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My OLD outfit which was in danish SF style:



(Tactical livingroom I KNOW :D )


People should in my opnion go for Tacgear instead of issued cloth. It is alot nicer, and especiely the issued pants are realy heavy and dont have the nice features that Tacgear has. My experiance on the issued cloth comes from my time in the danish army, and my Tacgear pants was more comfortly to wear and operate in.

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very nice, anyone compared it to cadpat in a normal grassy enviroment?


Not exactly grassy...but my backyard is pretty green right now...



Just on the fence, left is my rainjacket for work, right is my recently acquired M84 jacket.



In the bush at about 5'



And at 10'


So as you can see, both blend easily into a green background, the only thing being that CADPAT has the brown color added.

That said, I wear CADPAT every day and the M84 is a fresh pattern in my closet ;)

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