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Galil mags avaiable


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Not last time I looked around the internet. ORF had some for a reasonable price, I think Centerfire Systems had some (probably wrong on that).


Do a search for GALIL MAGAZINE and all sorts of stuff turns up. Either way, it's the only way you're going to get a realistic mag right now, so either suck it up and pay for a real one and convert it yourself, or buy the RMW mag and deal with the (relatively minor) inaccuracy.


People need to stop complaining when new stuff comes out. Two years ago... "NO GALIL! WHAAA!" A year ago... "GALIL! YAY! But no mags! WHAAA" Now... "Mags... but they're ugly. WHAAA!"


I remember when the only AEG AK on the market was Marui and we built all our addons ourselves... Wasn't so long ago that the AKSU wasn't made by anyone except Smokey's. People need to get over themselves.

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They have the Yugo .223 mags for sale, cheap. Call and ask. And yes, they're close enough to Israeli.



Orlite Galil mags.



Real metal Galil mag.

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