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Warning % -- How long do they stay?

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Personally, I do make a point of randomly clicking on a few peoples warning levels every day and if I see one that was added ages ago I WILL remove it.


Thing is, there's no formal limit on warnings simply to discourage repeat offences.

If a person knows their warning will last 6 months (for example) and then vanish then they can decide how often to break the rules without getting banned.


You really only need to worry about warning points if you receive more than one warning for the same thing.

If that happens it means you're not learning from your mistakes and/or you're determined to continue that behaviour. In that case your points WILL remain for longer and we'll be paying closer attention to your future posts.

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We delete at our discretion. Generally good behaviour of 6 months or more followed by a request by the user to have 10% removed is a general basis for getting 10% removed.


This obviously means it'll take a while longer to remove warn than it does for someone to get them, but hey - if you can't handle the time, don't commit the crime. :)

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Didnt we just have this topic like a few months back?


edit: Yes we did http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=140354



I tried a SEARCH for the subject and the search didn't come up with any results for me.


So...this thread was started.


Now, I got some replies and answers.

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