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Tom Andrews

Things that are beginning to annoying me

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Sure, I'm a postman, I deliver the mail, it's my job.


But some things shouldn't automatically be a part of the job.


If as a civvy are out walking in a park and a dog runs up and bites you it will get put down.

As a postie, oh, it's just a hazard of the job. The last time I got bitten I wasn't even in a garden, I was just walking up the street.


Bending to ground level for letter boxes.

In a lot of civilised countries it is illegal to have letter boxes in stupid places, in the UK the legislation never made it through parliament.


Stupid addresses.

You live in Kent, you build a new house, you call it Oast cottage.

You don't care that there are 8 Oast cottages already in your area and you go mad at the postman when we ask the council to deny you the name oast cottage.


I could go on and on. Yes it's my job but where does it say that it is OK to deliberately or through stupidity make it harder.


If you are a waiter you don't expect to be bitten by customer's dogs or tripped up because they have camoed green trip wire all around the base of the table "to keep cats away".


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Hey everything you've just mentioned is fine, i just take issue with delivery men just not delivering mail, because they don't want to get out of the van!


I've had the same postie since i can remember and i've never had a problem with the mail at all. He even posts letter for us, and used to bring stamps for my Grandparents when they couldn't get out of the house.


One thing that's annoyign em at the moment is that Steam don't seem to be bothering to do a pre download for Crysis Warhead. Which means i'll have to try and download it on whats got to be the wost telecom's infrastructure in western europe- BT! So it will take me days.

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