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Is Evike scamming people?


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I really hope this was an accident, but the evidence is stacked against them. I hope someone responds to me soon.


I've been disappointed at them before for screwing up orders, but I didn't think that they would scam airsofters out of their hard earned money.


Here's what happened (sorry...it's a little long):


I recently bought a VFC HK416 (not from them). I hate PEQ boxes, so I plan to put a crane stock on it. I wanted it to look "authentic", so I went all out and bought the Hurricane 416/417 style stock from Evike for $100.


Here's the link:




I just got the stock today and opened it and was surprised to find how crappy a $100 stock felt. First thing first...This was a sealed box, but I noticed that they had ripped the label off. At first, I thought perhaps it had some HK trades that they had to remove.


I start doing some research, and I find out that they had actually sent me a $30 JG clone of the stock instead of the real thing!!!


Here's the email that I just sent:


PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL...or I will have to call the credit card company. I have had MANY emails not responded to by you guys and I am sick of this.


I placed the order for the following products in the email below.


I have a problem with the Hurricane Crane Stock that I ordered. I don't know what kind of shady stuff you guys are trying to pull, but I paid $100 for a stock and I expect to get a $100 stock. What I got was a piece of ###### JG clone stock instead. I can prove it as none of the parts are what they should be. The stock itself is made of cheap plastic which is shiny. The rubber butt pad is different that the Hurricane one. The buffer tube nut is a cheap piece of ###### and doesn't fit tightly like it does on the hurricane. The cord is completely different and has a fuse box when the hurricane one does. The receiver plate is plastic and not metal and has a different cut out. The plate that goes on the screw is cheap metal and not a thicker alloy that comes with the Hurricane. Also, the box (that was sealed with tape) had the label ripped off of it. My guess was that it said JG on it.


I believe this stock is worth $30, as AirsoftGI sells them for that much:



As proof, I have included some pictures of the product that I was supposed to get and of the product that I actually did get. Also, please click on the following link:


It is a review of the JG HK416, in which you will clearly see the same stock that I received (including the cord and hardware).


Now you can refund me the $70, send me the correct Hurricane stock, or refund me the entire amount of $100. If I do not get a response by tomorrow, I will be forced to call the credit card company.


Thank you.


Now here is the stock that I received:




You will notice that everything is EXACTLY the same as the JG one reviewed on airsoft canada and nothing like the Hurricane one that's pictured. Even the triangular patter on the butt plate is different.


Now I realize that they ripped the label off because it probably said "Jin Gong. Made in China" or something like that.



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I'd take a guess at a shop rat "upgrading" another gun with the Hurricane, and then putting the JG stock back in the packaging.



Perhaps. But like I said, this was a box that was "sealed" with tape, and you can clearly see the label had been peeled off. My guess is that they're trying to sell these off as Hurricane stocks hoping that noone would notice. You have to search pretty hard to find the differences (besides the crappy feel of the plastic).

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Perhaps. But like I said, this was a box that was "sealed" with tape, and you can clearly see the label had been peeled off. My guess is that they're trying to sell these off as Hurricane stocks hoping that noone would notice. You have to search pretty hard to find the differences (besides the crappy feel of the plastic).


Do they list in-store upgraded guns, JG 416s with the Hurricane and so forth for extra?


I'd still bet more on it being a problem with a person vs. a store policy of of evil. You get kids in there happy to start for minimal pay but after a while if the manager is clueless then the stuff starts heading out the backdoor when the staff feel they've earned the right to pocket stuff as a perk for suffering through low pay, long hours, etc. Kids in the candy store.

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I know Evike's track record is nothing close to perfect, but Danke has a point. But, at the same time, even if that was the case, how is Evike going to handle your due refund/replacement? To be honest, though, I'm quick to find Evike in general to blame and say they're probably trying to scam, especially since it looks like a large majority of their customers are way to young and inexperienced to be able to tell the difference between the legit Hurricane stock and the JG clone.


At any rate, best of luck getting your money back.

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Here's an update. I called and left a message, and nobody responded. So at about 6:30 PM ET, while sitting in traffic...I thought I'd keep calling them, since I had time to kill. After about 5 or 6 attempts, I finally got someone on the line! This guy was actually quite helpful. I explained the situation and he said that he would look into it.


Now, here's the funny kicker: He actually acknowledged that they had sent me a JG instead of the Hurricane Stock! He said that I was "in luck" because these JG ones were on sale for $50 instead of the $100 that I paid, and he could give me a $50 store credit!


I laughed, but remained calm and was not rude to him. I just stated that I would actually like to get what I paid for, but since they didn't have any of these in stock, I would keep this JG stock...but at $30, which is the price that AirsoftGI was selling them for. He said that he would go talk to his manager and be right back. When he came back, he asked me if there was something around $70 that I wanted, and I said that I would just like a refund instead.


...so I am being refunded $70.


Now had I not been skeptical (and did my research) and had I not called (which I'm assuming that 50-90% of the people that shop there don't), would I have gotten my $70 back? Would they have contacted me to let me know that they had sent me a cheaper stock? Perhaps not.

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