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Armalite Picture Thread

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A new flashhider is underway (steel Guarder vortex), there's no way I'm keeping that plastic one :P

I have no idea who makes the rail, i bought it on ebay. Objectnr 350063523078, or it could also be found at www.scopeandlaser.com. They're so far the only store that sells them, I think. And yeah, it's installed correctly, there's only one way to mount them.


Expect big things in the next 48 hours.


I'm looking forward to that. You make awesome gbb's, and if your M4 is going to be anything like those...

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Got me a WA M4. Sheez, these things are too fun to shoot ^^

Replaced the front end with a replica Daniel Defense 7.0 Light rail, a G&P steel outer barrel and a VLTOR gasblock. Other parts are still stock apart from the changed furniture.






Closeup on the trademarks of the rail. Those chinese guys (or whoever made it) didn't do a bad job if you ask me.



Nice! How was the installation?



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Nice! How was the installation?


Very simple, and a perfect fit. Rock solid too. For the best result though, mount something like an EOTech to make sure the rail and receiver are aligned correctly, before the screws are tightened.

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If I had a doller for every time I have answered that question :-)


The ACOG in mountet directly in the upper receiver just as in the RS version, with scruews from the inside. I don't know if it is possible with a replica ACOG, but there is no problem with the original trijicon version.




Battery how it lays in the stock:



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I got most of my new parts from EBB today



I also ordered a vltor flip up site so I'll be emailing them about being missing from my order later.

I still need to wire the gun up for a battery inside the stock as well as mod the stock to take a battery but apart from that I'm quite happy with it. I might end up painting the flash hider with some matt black as I'm not 100% happy with it and I may also get a shorter barrel altho I already have a CQBR so I'm not sure yet.

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And here it is. Still waiting on the EMod stock, but next week probably. Too much has gone into this gun already:



PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore (368mm)

RA-Tech Hop Up

Airsoft Surgeon Buffer

KM SR16 Flash Hider

G&P M4QD Suppressor

LE 6 Position Stock (for now)




VLTOR Flip Front Sight for CASV-M

VLTOR Low Profile Gas Block

Larue / Troy Flip Rear Sight

Magpul MIAD Grip

RS Ejection Port Door






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Don't know about the vert grip, but an EMod is coming next. I wanted a UBR but they are impossible to find right now. Optics are a bit up in the air since I have to rock a RAS II mount and I do need to divert funds to my new one.




Nice gun btw

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