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Armalite Picture Thread

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that looks sweet dude.

wish i went for a Knights RAS rather than the SR25 URX front end becasue i cant remove it from the upper reciever now haha.

what silencer is that? looks great

and would it fit the SR25 URX outer barrel?


Thanks. Fellowz-that suppressor is a replica of the Knights Armament quick-detach can issued for M4's, CQB-R's etc. Its made by G&P, althougth VFC has a nice one too. It should fit your SR-25 barrel. All you need is to use a Knights Armament replica birdcage flash hider (SR16-the one with the notch in it). I like the URX front kit, I wish I had the $ for it.

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Is that a custom mag, Hispeed? Looks a bit longer than the standard 20rd mag.

Perhaps it's just the angle though?

Very nice rifle by the way.


- CapaciousZepher


CapaciousZ, thanks. That is a real steel AR-15/M4 20 round magazine modified to hold 10 rounds. I just used it for the photo. I usually use a TM 20 round type mag or a 30 round mag for it.


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Question for all CASV users, ive just oredered a CASV front end for my ICS M4, i was wondering if i will have to remove the sling loop that is located on the side of the barrel below the front sight? im worried it might obstruct the CASV cage.

if so where doyou guys attach your slings?

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