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Armalite Picture Thread

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Is it real night vision?

Yes, it is the ITT Gen.3 Alpha model. I just threw it on there to take the picture.


jkool, if you dont mind my asking, where do you keep your battery?

I run a battery bag with the wiring running through the stock tube.


jkool: not too sealesque with the USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor on the reciever

Lol so very true :) .

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'08 Systema M4A1 CQB MAX:


9 PTW Magazines

M110 & M150 Cylinders

9.6v 1600mAh & 12v 1200mAh batteries

KAC RAS (copy)

KAC Rail Panels (Real)

KAC Vertical Foregrip (Real)

Star AN/PEQ2A with Laser

Aimpoint Comp M2 w/ Wilcox High Mount (Copy)




Pictured with TGS PVS-14 Replica with Weapons J-Mount (Thanks Joe)




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Thanks. One is a WA Kimber Warrior in OD, and the Other is a KSC Full Metal M1911A1 that I am currently working on.


The PTW is amazing. Im getting near 200+ feet accurately using Airsoft Elite .25's and the M110 Cylinder, Chronoed at 356 fps w/AE .25's.


The M150 cylinder is just disgusting. You could take small game with that thing. It chronoed at 551 fps with AE .20's.

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Rangers are nice with real steel, figured I best learn how to use them in skirmishes. They go well with the new 20 round replica from CA too. Fantastic little buggers.






@luvs2shoot - Fantastic setup there. I'm looking forward to doing an SBR - How do you like the KX3?

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justin.kovacs, sick gun man..if i were you though, and this is just purely imo, i'd go with the G&P peq laser, more realistic since the star is quite larger than the real one..although i have to say the star one is nice since i've been a happy owner myself there. but truly sick gun man. :D
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I had the G&P and it was complete garbage. The knobs fell off, and the mounting bracket screw stripped the first time out. I was not to impressed with it.


Having used the real Insight Technologies AN/PEQ2A in a Combat Theater of Operations I would have the say that the Star replica is about as close as your gonna get.


Obviously Im not using it for battery carrying capability, just as an accessory to finish out the look.


I have a Prime Mk 18 Mod 0 lower on order from Redwolf, but it will not be fitted until after the Systema factory warranty has expired.



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^ WHAT?!?!

i have the G&P, and i swear by it... i too, obviously, have used the real thing and i believe if i mixed the 2 together, i would not know the difference





i know why... you are talking about the old G&P battery pack? heh. they have another functional one. the old ones did suck, and yes the knobs fell off. but the new one is amazing.

sorry to post this again, but...



working laser and light


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