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Armalite Picture Thread

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My build:



klick for bigger size


Guarder Bushmaster Body

King Arms 10" Troy Handguard

Magpul MIAD

Element EMod Stock (modified to fit battery)

Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard

Classic Army outer barrel

G&P realistic dust cover


VFC / GB-Tech Receiver Plate Sling Swivel Mount

Star Flip Up Rear Sight

Star QD Flip-Up Front Sight

G&P Raider Foregrip

Star M6 Flashlight & Laser

Eotech 552


Systema Full Tune Up Kit M150 Professional

Systema Hop-Up Unit

Prometheus 6.03 EG Barrel (363mm)

KM Type Separate Urethane Rubber

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to anyone who knows:


will the DD RIS II be the only change on the MK 18 Mod 1? or other parts are not decided yet?


Waxxer the DD RIS II has been the only rail system approved in the sopmod block II kit. it will be the only rail unit for the MK 18 mod I. other rail units are still pending approval . the only other 2 railed handguards to be except for approval are the A.R.M.S model # 50 and the Knights Armament company URX. as far as improvements to the whole sopmod class.

No flip up sights have been decided yet , A.R.M.S. and KAC have both won contracts to have there flip up sights approved for further testing. so far these are some of the things that have been declassified.

as far as improvements to the whole sopmod class.

they are have ambidextrous safeties and redi mag catch. the only thing else that will be added is something we cant. its in the testing/approval phase. It's a computer chip in the grip . that can be hooked up to a computer letting the operator know how many rounds have been fired through the gun, and if the gun needs repair or if parts need to be replaced before the gun fails to fire or jams up


Heres a pic of the sopmod kit block II that has been so far


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