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Armalite Picture Thread

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Newhotness, What suppressor is that?

Looks like a Knight's QD.

I thought the same thing regarding the mtw magsz. I'm sure it isnt but from the pic it looks like pot metal or something.


Still trades are pretty cool and setup almost like colt trades.

Inokatsu MTW's use WA M4 mags.


And the logo looks like the back end of a used shell.

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I'm not much of a RIS fan myself, but I do plan on putting a G&P Surefire replica M500A (older short flashlight style) dedicated flashlight forend on it ^_^


Maybe a different pistol grip and stock as well, but I'm not too sure about that yet. If I do it will probably be a Mk-18 Mod 0 esque' M16-A1 pistol grip and a good LMT replica RS spec crane stock.

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SOPMOD M4 CQBR Block 2, still waiting for a replica 553 holosight in dark earth.

(Craptastic cel phone pic-will take better ones later :( )


That looks great dude! I'm building something similar but based more closely on what Chris Costa used in the new Magpul Dynamics DVD: Art of the Tactical Carbine. :)



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Mind reader!

Damn... the cat's outta the bag! I'm normally so good about keeping my projects under wraps until they're done. The race is on MARS! :P





Dang... I got so distracted by Hispeed's M4 I forgot to mention that I liked whatcha did there Milla. Simple and yet highly functional. Well done!

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Magpul PTS ranger plates dont require replacing the bottom plate on the magazine do they? They just go over the bottom? Was gonna pick some up in a few weeks.

Magpul PTS Ranger plates DO require you to remove the bottom plate of the AEG mag in order to install them. Let me see here... ahhhhh-ha! Found it!!! Here's a guide I wrote way back in April 2007.



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I'll just list the part out for those in case any one is interested.


Chris Costa

KAC 11.5" upper w/URX and flip up front sight/gas block combo, KAC compensator/flash hider. Magpul billet Lower, CTR Stock, MIAD grip. Aimpoint ML3 in kac type cantilever mount. Kac 600m rear buis. Ambi selector. Magpul enhanced trigger guard.




Travis Haley

Noveske 13.7" Infidel barrel w/KX3, Magpul billet Lower. Larue 11.0" goose neck rail. Miad grip, CTR stock. Troy BUIS. Magpul enhanced trigger guard. Aimpoint micro T1 in larue mount. oh and Redimag


Both has ASAP sling plate, not available in retail yet. Travis' gun also had a prototype battery assist device.


oh and they both have other rifles for the suppressed use too...

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