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Armalite Picture Thread

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Cheers renegade!


I really like that laser unit but being in the UK that will cost and arm and a leg. Especially as it'd Edgar Brothers that are the UK contact for them.


If i may ask, how much did that setup cost you in Time and Money???


Whatever it i was it was well spent!


Haha I'll bet. Its a shame that real gun laws get in the way of airsoft, huh? :P


The final product here is the result of six months of tinkering and toying. I've got so many parts now that I'm literally giving them to my friends since I have no intention of getting a second AEG and therefore no use for parts that aren't otherwise installed. Other variations that have since been abandoned for whatever reason but include:










After six months, I think its financial value has settled to anywhere from $800 to $1,000. Ironically, this may be the lowest its been. In a cardboard box are flashlights (G&P and Surefire), stocks (Magpul PRS and M4 collapsables), VFGs (Tango down and Tapco) and a whole pile of other goodies. Maybe that's what facinates me most about Armalites - the limit for practical creativity is bound only by ones wallet which should (theoretically) increase over time. Experience tells us what works and what doesn't, hopefully this build will be the best!


Thanks for the comments all. I very much- appreciate what you have to say.


external parts list

g&g gr16 carbine - $250

magpul pts miad - $30

pof p12x - $285

magpul ubr - $245 + $35

harris 6"-11" bipod - $115

leupold replica - $55

g&p arms replica qd scope mounts - $45 + $15

g&p arms replica qd bipod mount - $30

madbull gemtech g5 w/ can - $45

lasermax unimax - $215

firstfactory readymag - $45

2x pmag20 - $10

total - $1,420


Holy c**p.

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Did you just shock yourself working all that out ;)


I know what you mean though. Sat and worked out my TM G36c had cost me to get it to it's current configuration. It's quite scary how quickly these things can mount up isn't it?



Lol, I know what you mean... Worked out the cost on mine SR-15 and it scares me..... Just the externals were roughly $1k :o Nearly *suitcase* myself... Airsoft is waaaaaaaay to expensive <_<

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MercilessPit: why not find a used convertible M4 barrel (10.5"-14.5") if you want a CQBR set-up for you M4?
I've been considering that, but I'm hesitant because the G&P M4 RAS front end kit cost me what I consider to be too much to swap the barrel out that came with it. I also dig the trades on the barrel and I'm not ready to get rid of it. (yet?)


I mainly only wanted the CQBR suppressed 'appearance' to be honest. Nothing really permanent. I've been considering the G&P Mk18 Mod 0 since it's relatively inexpensive but I'm finishing out my 6.8 and the money just isn't there for airsoft at this point in time.


I just have to add that 6.8 ammo and mags are expensive as hell and with the threat of gun legality becoming a thing of the past, I'm spending a lot and stocking up.

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Rough picture of an EGLM on a M4-SIR.




Awesome, or not so much? (The SIR, Pistol Grip, and Stock are also FDE, so the EGLM won't look so out of place...at least, that's the plan.)


I'll either go with the EGLM, or a standard M203. Can't decide.



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I don't know if the EGLM will fit. The bottom rail on the SIR is lower than normal rails.


Yeah, I was thinking about this.


However, I've seen the EGLM mounted to a CASV, which is also lower than a standard RIS/RAS, so I'm pretty sure it'll fit.


I've received a few pictures, giving me examples of the EGLM mounted, and I thank those that sent/posted them.


I'll probably go for the EGLM. However, I'll probably buy the stand alone, and buy VFC's rifle mounts later on down the line, so I'll have options. (Plus, the stand alone is the same price as the EGLM alone, at least where I've found it. That way I'll get the FNH Leaf Sight, along with the cool factor that the stand alone has to offer.)


Thanks guys,




P.S. Definetally get a VLTOR stock for it. Would complete the look, as Chris said.



Vic just throw an EGLM on the M468 and pretent to have moar stopping power that most of the other guys :P


Lol, yes. 6.8mm for the 1337 win.

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Tiny M4 with Tiny scope. Aww, its so cute!


I am considering a Vltor OD stock for it. Yes / no?


I think a Magpul CTR would look better, actually. The Crane stock looks a little off and, in my opinion, Vltor stocks just look like a Crane stock of the future.

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