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Armalite Picture Thread

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My 933...


TM internals and front end,

G&P marine body,

G&G stock with CAA stock saddle,

Magpul MIAD grip,

G&P carry handle cut, sanded and resprayed into buis,

G&P 551.


Probably going to respray the stock saddle OD to match the MIAD, and have a 2 tone stock thing going (or vice versa - green stock/black saddle).

Not sure what to do about the sights, though. The non flip buis makes the co-witness a pest, so I need to either somehow raise the Eotech slightly to get 1/3 co-witness or get a flip buis.

Or just shove the thing on top of my MP5A4, and get a new aimpoint :D .

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I'll post pictures of my Echo1 416 when it gets out of surgery. One of the local retailers sells malfunctioned weapons for cheap, so I received one and am hoping the weapon will fire at its advertised FPS (+400)... Anywho, one of the gears needs replacing.


Apart from that, I bought a Guarder AN/PEQ2 for it, along with a Noveske noise amplifier, and a G&P mini solid stock. I can't wait to put it all together and shoot people with it :D

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QDRenegade what wail system is that you have your your rifle dude?


Its a Patriot Ordinance Factory P12X. 12" beyond the receiver with a continuous rail flatform going to the rear of the receiver. Versions without the X (P4, P9, P12) do not go to the rear of the receiver such that an iron sight can still be attached to the upper receiver to match the height of an A2 gas block. Its expensive brand new but by far the best purchase I have made... I'd keep the P12X over any item(s) of equal value that I own now or in the past.


You can get a better grasp for length when the P12X was the only thing on the AEG (511 and BUIS aside):




Mixed with decent rail covers (imho the rubber ones I got form WGC are more comfortable than my Magpul, KAC, and Tango Down ones) the rail is very comfortable to hold. My buddy wanted an SBR - he held my AEG and insisted on a Predator rail for his. This is what the P9X looks like on his SBR (QD suppressor makes it look longer):




It holds nun-chuck batteries inside with no problems at all. However, changing the batteries requires loosening two hex screws and removal of the whole rail (just slides off and back on, no more than 8-10 seconds for each process). Again, I highly recommend it. If you do not like the rail in the end, it holds a very high resale value in the real steel community and, for a decent price, probably here too.



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App...you always go above and beyond man.


You're one of the few guys on here that consistently posts some amazing and realistic looking airsoft guns. Kudo's man, stuff looks great and i always love looking at your pictures.

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Basic CQBR w/VFG


Real Aimpoint m2 with reflection cover

Real Eotech 552

With Aimpoint







I braved hitting the Eotech with some paint, and also added a real Surefire Helmet light as a temporary light while i wait for my surefire weapon light to arrive from a friend.



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Mighty - Whats the deal on the PEQ, some DIY work there? Nice Rifle!!!


While were on SBR's. A Buddy Holding Mine While We Kill Some Ruskies On COD4 The Night B4 a Skirmish.




Just Missing :

KAC QD [Not Shown, Painted To Match]

PEQ-15 [Painted To Match]

M951 [Not Shown, Painted To Match]

Foretrex 101


May Be Converting Into A Mk18 RAS II Over The Holidays If I Can Scrape The Cash.

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You should remove your comms setup from you're gun.


Ah, nonsense, sir! None of that here! At least all his teammates will know when he's opened fire? Assuming he pushes the PTT...



In the next couple days I'll be picking up a blaster for my *special* loadout... :) I'll get some pics up once I get it and get it painted and such.


Here's a clue for the loadout, and probably the gun - a gas mask, shin/forearm protection, armored gloves, stab-proof armor, and headshots. Lots of headshots.

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Aside from the Comm system being on the gun, I really quite like your setup.


Only thing I suggest, is some XTM rail covers. (You might have to fold your bipod forward after installing rail covers, though.)


Also, a LaRue FUG (replica or real) would look awesome.



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[bS]_MARS :


1st : The PRR PTT is designed to be mounted on the rifle, that way you do not need to remove you hands from the weapon to transmit.


2nd : this kind of setup has been used for quite a while with the UK armed forces and they don't have a problem with accidental transmissions.


Victory :


Cheers for the comments, I really do like the xtm covers but i'm currently waiting on them to arrive at the moment. and as for the FUG well its nice but i'm still debating over it and the tango down stubby version.


The main question i've got is what flip up sights to use and should I change the scope to an acog in FDE on a larue mount

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