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Armalite Picture Thread

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Fulltimekiller - Love the Magpul Forend where did you get it and how much? Can it take a battery?


That's a sample from friends, it looks great, right?

I'm not sure exactly how much it is, may be around US$30...

It takes a 8.4v battery....

I heard from friends the release date would be soon within this week. :D

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A bit random, but...




Can someone give me the approcimate measurement? From the left vertical red line to the right.


--> |____________| <--






P.S. Just realized...this is Page 102. Here's a pic to start the new thread with.




LWRC's IAR (The inspiration for my current IAR project.)

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New Armalite thread yet, MK VI?


Somebody make a new thread, FAST! This one is rapidly approaching critical mass!


It's already de-stabilised the forums this evening, if you let it continue it'll merge with the previous threads, go nuclear and take the servers down with it!



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