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Why isn't there a newbie guide type thread for airsofters in here?


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There's a good reason why we don't have one nice tidy thread for all of you new folks out there to try to help you get into airsoft, and it's this:


Airsoft is different for everyone.


They may be skirmishers, or target shooters; back garden plinkers or hardcore milsimmers, but no matter what labels we give each section of the community, each label contains a huge great bunch of people who all do things THEIR way. You'll be the same - i.e. different.


So what can we do to help advise new players, give a little information and help to get you started, and to help develop your airsofting experience over time? Well, that's what Arnies Airsoft is here for - the whole forum is filled with information, opinions and - most of all - other airsofters. You'll find thousands of different opinions on all sorts of things, and in the end only one person can decide what's right for you so ask away, take on board what people say and then make up your own damn mind what you want to do. It's worked for the rest of us :D



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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