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M81 Woodland Pics

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My room, as well as gear is WIP, so be polite. :) My bdu woodland uniform was sent to be raid-modded. Vest is an ELCS with some issue (spear), and some custom pouches. Pack is Eagle A-III. Buttpack - spec-ops buttpack. Need a few pouches for airsoft-grenades, a 6004 for a glock, few pistol mag pouches, strobe pouch, dump bag (I've sent an sustainment pouch for a little modification with my bdu-s) and a knife.


And a better view at the vest back without the A-III pack. Also there is my first aid pouch attached (on photos above it's detached and stored in backpack).





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@emp3ror86: aye! Rightfully so!


@roob: Guarder FSBE in OD with lotta SDS pouches (3 Mag Shingle, 3X Double Mag, MBITR Radio pouch, Eagle Industries Admin pouch in the front. Pantac Cummerbund with some more SDS pouches (2X Double Mag, Canteen pouch), Michael Bianchi Medic pouch, Guarder Mag Dump Pouch in OD. Issue BDU pants, RAID BDU top, Altama's black jungles, BrigadeHQ's Shemagh, USGI CVC Nomex gloves, Blackwater Riggers Belt.


USGI stuff mostly.

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Time to give this thread an overdue bump...


Got my BDUs back from the tailor, ready to get back into softing this summer...


WIP 90s/00s/filmsim TOTS Seal loadout...






Raid modifications






Holy inappropriate weapon for loadout batman (and poor trigger discipline too!)




Still to include: Socom, Socom thigh holster, and modding the LBV with the pouches off a second LBV to allow me to carry at least 8 mags instead of six (and possibly two more grenades).


The reason Im chuckling in the first place was that my housemate was throwing Op Flashpoint quotes at me...

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