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M81 Woodland Pics

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Buzzsaw, loadout looks great! Im jealous of everyone with great direct action loadouts. I think you should slide that smoke grenade pouch over to the right hand side of the MAP backpack thing — so you can reach back and pull it yourself if needed.


BigD- I'll hook it up.

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The FAPC is Flyye, as are most of the pouches. I went with the RLCS style MBITR pouch as it was what I had lying around, and thought it looked alright with the Khaki gear!


Cheers Roob! I'm sure most are jealous of your green side load out! :P

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Safariland ELCS, courtesy of Mr Kevin Berry (keep getting awesome rigs off the man).




Two 1x30 mag pouches

Two 2x30 mag pouches

Two enhanced 3x mag pouches with grenade pouches attached.

Two canteen pouches.

One large general purpose utility pouch.


Waiting on sustainment/dump pouch, shotgun scabbard and hydration option (not sure which yet).

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Nice find Dave, I love the Safariland gear.

I had a couple of the individual pouches but sold them and now I wish I had kept them all.

I've seen them go for stupidly cheap prices on ebay now and again.

but then again I've seen them go for daft prices aswell.


I really fancy getting myself a Ranger Rack in Woodland, but it has to have the tan buckles.

I also want a 1961a vest in Woodland but I doubt I will ever find one of them so it will just have to stay on the wish list for now.


Roob those pictures are really, really good.

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Its lovely, considering the quality and range of pouches (Tis the full kit) I think its well worth the £145 price tag.



I never though you were the kiss and tell type ;)


Off this weekend to darkest US kit sources....you never know what you may find for sale on here on monday, or sunday if I get my ###### sorted in time ;)



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