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M81 Woodland Pics

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My DS was a Ranger in the 3rd Batt, and he wore his ALICE gear pretty high up. No one in our platoon ever got the courage to ask him why, however.


To make it work better with a rucksack I would assume. :)


-Angel-: Very nice, I love the oldschool look. :) How would you rate the LC2 (I think?) vs the british PLCE?

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//edit: on second thought that green looks pretty damn "verdant"....


I know; how the heck do they mess up on old school woodland? They look pretty great apart from the color, and the sizing seems American, maybe it's just weird lighting conditions.


Toy Soldier has listed the trousers to go with their shirt, but the set will cost well over $300 shipped (in "REAL US ARMY Woodland NY/CO ripstop", ooooh).

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Field is a lot of fun, fast gameplay around the structures, with a combination of spot and stalk in the woodland environment. 100-150 people is perfect 200 is pushing it. Fish does a really good job running the games, there are alot of new players that play with the 7th and he does a good job rallying them in and creating a fun/safe game.


Any who here is a M81 picture to compensate for the thread derailment.



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