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M81 Woodland Pics

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you should sell it because its not the best PC but due to it being rare and AOR1 will fetch a rediculous price, especially if you can fin dpictures of a team guy using one.


I would do it soon, the market on AOR1 has long past its peak.

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I just like it too much to get rid of, other PC's just don't want to fit me, they're either too short on my body or really bulky (curse of the lanky git), and as I don't need quick release or floatation, I'll stick with it until there's some kind of mega leap in design.


That's true, I've actually been kinda pleased by that though, I managed to finally get some Crye pouches. I'm in it for the Nylon anyway, I think the fact I have it is worth more to me.


While we're here, are there any woodland combat shirts apart from the hen's teeth Crye or Tru-spec, which I don't like as they have the annoying t-shirt necks?

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Rap4 makes one, but it's "meh" at best. I'd contact UR-Tactical to see if they could make/get a ops combat shirt. They've already got the style you're looking for in MultiCam, both versions of A-TACs, DCU, AOR1, AOR2, OD, Tan, and black.

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Echo: I normally play in AOR1, so I'll stick with it I reckon.


Vila: Fair enough, by that point I may as well have a local shop make one out of one of these wicking t-shirts I just got in, they're a nice brown colour (I prefer that to green anyway). Thanks though.

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mega leap in design.


The hugger is a very antiquated design, essentially a PACA with a BHI chicken plate carrier stitched onto it. The fact that you don't think its bulky tells me you've never used a more modern PC, or atleast one that was fit properly. As for fit a PC should go from your sternal notch to just above your belly button, I'll bet your hugger covers much more than that. Try something like an LBT 6094 or a Crye JPC, hell if you want huge innovation check out the First Spear Stranhogg with 6/12 Negative MOLLE and Tubes.


Another interesting fact I bet I know who made your hugger, or at least part of it, and he is a member here... just don't know his user name, Vel-Tye is a very small shop.


If you have any inkling of trying to sell you hugger for huge cash do it now rather than later.

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It's actually about that length, I'm 6 foot something and it's a medium. 6094's are the right size without cummerbund, but then I have no space for my stuff, and too big around me with one, then it shifts about. JPC would probably be fine, but I don't really want to pay that much for something that will probably need to have the work done to correct the shoulders tearing down the road. I actually tried on Ckinnerley's Strandhogg a couple of days ago, and I admit I do like the tubes, but It's a bit small long ways and won't go low enough. For the money I may as well try and pester Asgaard into making a laser cut reverse-PALS vest that would fit.


I know who you mean, I asked for information on some mystery markings on it once.


To be honest I've probably been a bit fast and loose with offhand comments about selling the thing, derailed the thread a bit.

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Here's a WIP for my (somewhat generic) SF kit







That's a friends Daytona M4, btw. I'm using it while I'm waiting on parts for a Mk.18 Mod 0 upper build for mine.


Not pictured/waiting for:

FMA Ops Core FAST helmet in Foliage

ACM Serpa drop leg for P226

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