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M81 Woodland Pics

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Direct Action load out. I'll update with better pics when ever I find the time.





*=Not Pictured

Kit list

First Line

RAID modded woodland BDU

*Merrell MOAB GTX

Oakley Assault Gloves

*Eagle Industries Khaki Riggers Belt

Eagle Industries RLCS Warbelt

x2 EMDOM Pistol Magazine Pouches

Double Blue Force Gear M4 Ten speed pouch

Maxpedition Folding Dump Pouch

Black Dog Concealment Kydex for Glock 17

Ontario RAT-3 in Bladetech sheath

Second Line

Eagle Industries Plate Carrier W/Cummerbund Ranger Green

Eagle industries RLCS Admin Pouch W/light holder

Eagle industries RLCS triple magazine shingle

Eagle Industries Double M4 Magazine Pouch Ranger Green

*Eagle Industries 100 RD SAW pouch containing IFAK Ranger Green

Eagle Industries RLCS low profile hydration carrier

EMDOM IAP Sewer Green

EMDOM Baby utility shingle Sewer Green


MICH2000 Replica w/Velcro and Contour

ESS low profiles


Knight's Armament SR-15 W/Black Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II

Replica PEQ15

ACM Elcan Specter DR



G&P Knight's Armament Company Vertical Grip

EMDOM Gunslinger Modular Sling

Surefire M951

Magpul XT Rail covers

KSC Glock 17

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Those are some cool kits, Lince.  Are some of them Crye customs?


Chevie, Pocatello is one of my least favorite cities in the world, perpetually windy and freezing.  You got the short end of the stick by having to be there.


And to not derail...




Here's essentially the same kit from earlier in the summer.

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SGT Crocodilo, you got that look down man (on page 23 is his loadout). Your a big boy..LOL something I really love is what you did with that SAW. It is so much like what the TEAMS did in Vietnam to the M60's. Only thing I would add and recommend is a Bungee Cord to help reign in those fins brother. But over all very nice kit my man. 

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This thread needs to live. Had the opportunity during an incredibly stormy day and couldn't pass it up.


M14 is on its way, and I need to order two more ALICE mag pouches, a scrim scarf, and make a belt pad but it's pretty much done. Subbed in my missing flight gloves with HWI combat gloves.









It's safe to say that greenside kits are my favorite.

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Dragonred sell half decent crye cut copy's .

so i ordered a set of these, the sizing is way off..... medium regular = large regular, a full set for sale here, whilst i order some small regulars .


Quality wise though, really good.



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