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M81 Woodland Pics

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Had to contribute, I can't remember if I posted this in the SEAL thread, but since I'm working on a more updated NSW greenside woodland kit I figured I'd post the old one from just about last year;




And a screengrab from a friend's video. Right before a quick CQB round, had to use a friend's AKM as my M60 went down earlier in the day.



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Got the new Flash Force Industries Woodland Combat Set. Way better this year compared to last year. One thing to note is that the uniform is incredibly vibrant in color once you first get it, but after a couple of washes in warm/hot water you get a nice faded look. Makes them look more authentic, in my opinion.

They feel pretty high quality for a replica set.



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How's the sizing compared to standard uniforms (Propper or Tru-Spec)?

I'm not sure on the sizing compared to the brands you listed. But, I would say the XS set I got is close to a Small-Regular BDU set. However, the shirt is a tad shorter.


Here is my XS FFI set next to my RG Cryes. The RG pants are 28R Army Custom, shirt is XSR G3:



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