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M81 Woodland Pics

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That is an obvious negative, my friend.


However, I do have a gift for you.


Here it is.


Everything you need is within. As this is an ongoing project, I will update the thread whenever I have new material to add. If you need additional assistance, feel free to ask.

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Not exactly personal gear, but definitely 3rd line field equipment:


Ecotat TMP Freedom Shelter in Woodland Camo:






A perfect shelter for those 24 hour combat simulations.


These are getting very rare lately, and they're not made anymore. I have been using one for field exercises with the for the past few years being an 11B US Army Infantrymen.


These are classified as 3 season personal shelters. Although, I have used one in sub 0 degree weather and have woke up sweating. They are made of a Gore-Tex material and shaped much like a traditional military poncho.


They can be worn like a poncho, anarak, or short jacket, or used as a sitting shelter, personal solo bivy or made into an improvised litter for casualty evacuation. It can be used as a bivy or sleeping bag cover with or without the supplied poles.


I had used mine for so long, that I wore it into the ground. The zipper had broke, and the waterproofing tape at the seams was peeling off. But it had seem years of abuse in some very sub par weather situations.


I was lucky enough to have just recently picked up an additional Ecotat Freedom Shelter in like new condition a few months ago.


Great piece of kit, and I thought Id share.

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