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That Norwiegen Desert Camo is nice stuff.


Believe me it took a while to complete that gulf war night cammo kit. i picked the parka up at my loacal surplus store as a cold weather jacket to wear on civi street and Dave (who works there) threw in the trousers for free. it took about 4 or 5 years for me to find a hat in the same pattern i ordered it from canada and waited for it for 3 months. I intend to use it at the UK national airsoft weekend event to see if it really does fool gen1 night vis.


And as my stalker and assosiate kie pointed out it was dark child who darkened his kit.


I am surprised he has not posted up some of his desert kit pics yet.


Any ways guys lets keep these desert pics coming.



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I PERSONALLY don't, but will do soon. Here is a handful of my team.


That was the test outing, so we now wear dessie boots and dessie accessories ( knee pads, gloves etc) but have kept the OD gear.


On the second day, due to the mingingness of the dessie fleck, two of the guys switched to dessie Pantera.


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I'm not quite sure, but I think I just might love that dessie pantera pattern o.O'

sure looks brilliant for mountain terrain atleast!


comeon people, how 'bout some more exclusive/rare dessie patterns? I find it hard to believe that there's just flecktarn, n-cam, pantera, ddpm and various US patterns in existance :P


also: where the hell are all the USMC buffs? figured they'd have raided this thread with their MARPAT allready :P

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Thanks Zog.


Chevieblazer. I know it terrible lol it was only cheap and i put webtex pouches on it in dritish DPM. Which make it look worse.


The top pic is current gear and set up and as you scroll to the bottom i goes to older loadout. (with the exception of the Night camo)


At my new skirmish site the hire camo is a strange desert camo. which i am unable to identify. so if i get a picture of it hopfully some one on here can ID it.



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Nothing personnel, but not a pretty to look at camo pattern and I would imagine pretty terrible in a real desert environment, but I am sure I would be proven wrong...






I think they just might've checked if it works at all before they issued it to the entire armed forces :P

but in the case of the regular army issue (one on the right), I actually completely agree with you...looks like it works better for hiding infront of a faded christmas tree :P




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