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For all of you Keyra lovers, there's an interview on the website that started it all. I don't want to post a link since some of the content of the website is (I think) above PG-13. However, I've taken the liberty of copying the interview and running it through a translater. I've also corrected some of the more obvious translation mistakes, but my Spanish is rusty so there's some parts that are lost in translation.

PM me if you want the original link.


The truth as many of you already know. Keyra is her nickname, she lives in Argentina, she is the tremendously well-known collaborator of Supertangas and in the network: It is enough to search her name in google to realize this phenomenon. "She is amazed to remember that everything began with a simple and innocent amateur photograph"


She has received many offers to meet and pose for Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim and an infinity of magazines coming from London, Germany, the USA, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Suecia… in short, of all God!


She has been mentioned in numerous radio program and her photos/vídeos have appeared on well-known Television programs. Howard Stern’s show named Girl of the year in Internet, others present/display it like: Mistery Booty, Perfect *albatross* Girl or "The one of the *albatross*"


But even so, she continues recieving hundreds from mails asking about her. So I decided to gather the most frequent questions from these letters, commentaries, forums, etc… and to send them to Keyra so that she herself, could answer (some) and make clear according to que… The result has been the following:


What or who motivated to you to send your first photo to Supertangas?

I took one chance (I do not want to deepen the subject) but did not imagine that all this would happen soon.


From where comes the nickname Keyra?

If I say to you that I invented it on the spur of the moment would believe to me? Hehe


How you would define yourself?

100% dangerous, extroverted, funny, sensible and easy going. It goes without saying but, a good person... hahaha without bad intentions mainly.


Do you return all mails that you receive?

It used to do it but with so many activities I have left very just a short time for that, are too many mails and very little the time.


Do men write with peculiar requests or proposals to you?

Uy! many things must have made a list... not that they were peculiar, although if we consider that everything arose by photos amateur if they are it, at least for my. They've offered me everything from photographic sessions in important magazines worldwide to interviews, videoclips, invitations to public appearances and my country, and to high sums of money to go to me to Spain. But to everything I have said to him that no, I do not deny that I would like to have professional photos and be model, is something that it enchants to me to tell the truth, but I do not want to choose that kind of life, I already I chose another way and the truth I am content with that, but such proposals to me are touching.


We know that you speak with some users of the Web, that criterion you follow to select to these users?

In fact I do not speak with many, the form that more use to communicate to me is through the Webpage, and to those who I have like friends… it with his letters and personality that grabs my attention... but I cannot specify a criterion, that I like them and add them to my list of contacts. Everything began thus, without but returned.


Is it true that photos of you have been robbed?

I have always tried to maintain my privacy and to separate my work on the network, from my real life. When they robbed personal photos of me, sincerely, I did not take it very badly, and she was a bad one happened of a "old friend", harmed very many, I either want to me to give but details of tema…


Were you aware that important radio and TV programs voted you *albatross* of the year?

Hahaha that makes me feel very grateful! I cannot believe the distant spot that has arrived tema…


What does your family think of all this ?

Fatal, hopefully he was not it hahaha

I think she's saying something like "I think my dad almost died."


Do you feel that you are an internet icon?

Perhaps many girls want to be in my place but, the truth, I didn't believe that all of this would happen, I had no control over it. Often I feel flattered, to who it does not like that they say pretty things to him? but also it scares to me, mainly because I did not look for it, fame or money don't interest me, sometimes I want it to return to normal and quiet


When proposed to do you find it strange or amusing?

Uy! not, too strange… it has flattered me when they said that it just seemed like something out of comic books haha


Has anyone recognized to you at the calle/university/club?

Not really… I hope that it never happens to me, sometimes gives fear me when I go out or I take the bus they stare at me a short while, it's then that I wonder, do they recognize me?


Some say that there is clonarte, that you think on it?

Mmm… I believe that jaja is a madness, do not do it does not agree to them...


When will you visit Spain?

When will you invite to me?


A girl on a Forum asks: What do you eat to have a buttock like that?



Will you get a digital cam?

Definately! sometimday, I promise it, let's say when the price lowers hahaha.


Wise people who are hundreds of girls in the Network becoming to happen through you?

Yes, that fuerte… the girls son… incredible.

I have no clue


What are you dedicated to?

I believe I'm dedicated to my studies.


Would you pose for professional magazines?

The truth is that yes, it would enchant to me, often I dreamed about that: be model, but for personal reasons I cannot make it (yet), anyway I am content with the field I have chosen I want to pursue it, although it has nothhing to do with photographs or fame.


Have you thought about starting your own website?

People have offered to create one for me, but the truth is it doesn't interest to me.


Name a hobbie?

To read

A vice?

Uyy to see my photos? haha kidding, vices no, none… some obsessions, however.


A color?



A phrase?

It does not have bad that by good does not come.

I'm guessing it's something like "To those that do good harm does not come."


A book?

The principito

The Principal? Damn I should've studied harder in Spanish class.


Favourite food?


A drink?

Mineral water


Beach or mountain?

Mountain, and moreso if hehe there is snow


What do you hate?

Liars, injustices, envy and jodida the bad luck (haha)


Ideal boy?

One that he respects to me, understands to me, accepts me as I am, and also has goals in the life.


Favorite film?

Life is Beautiful


You smoke?



Do you like to dominate or to be dominated?

I prefer a balance.


Do you study or work?

Study, and some times work depending on the times that corran… but usually I work for a few hours delivering advertisements haha


What plans do you have for the future?

To start a beautiful family, to become an expert at whatever job I chose, to enjoy the things and to try to be happy.


To wrap this up, is there anything you want to say to those who may be reading this?

Thank you very much to all those that send mail to me and leave me messages, although sometimes there's not enough time to answer questions, I read all and them in truth. I enjoyed this very much, thanks for having me so so good bye. Kisses and until next time!


Well there you have it. Not only does she have a body to die for but she seems to have a lovely personality as well. :wub:

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"A color?



White=Blanco (which is what she meant, hopefully).

Blanco either means Target or White.




"A book?

The principito"


The little Prince.



"A phrase?

It does not have bad that by good does not come."


I haven't got the slightest idea.



What do you hate?

Liars, injustices, envy and jodida the bad luck (haha)


Jodida or Jodido = *fruitcage*


;) just if you want to know.



BTW please tell me this is NOT Keyra:



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HAHAHAha. I'm fairly certain that's not Keyra. ;) Besides, Keyra is a nickname that I'm assuming she only uses in the online community.


Thanks for the translations.

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just a really damn fine *albatross*..

i'd like a gun - photo-posing appreciating girl like that..


thats why i havent posted in the girlfriend thread as mine doesnt like posing..

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It's time for another thread revival! 2631094.gif



I was watching the tele with my brother when another one of those Overstock.com commercials come on. So that woman is talking on the commercial (you know the one that's impossibly hot for a 42 year old) and somehow my brother and I got into a debate regarding whether or not she looked pregnant. Anyways, I decided to look her up on wikipedia and found out that her name is Sebine Ehrenfeld, originally from Germany, has been in minor movie and TV roles but here's the kicker : she's a gun enthusiast! For me her attractiveness has gone up 5 notches. Unfortunately, she's still quite a bit of an unkown so this is a link to the largest image collection of her I could find.

Click for sexy gun enthusiast goodness.


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Friends of mine:


Toccara and Halie


Sophia nad two of her friends who's names escape me at the moment




Shelley (left) and one of her friends whom I don't know.



Jealous much? JK. I just wanted to put some hot pics of my friends in here to give this thread more views.



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