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Evike has CA listed as out of stock because of poor QC


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Really what we need to do is contact the lower-end companies they're basing their knock-offs of and inform them, so at least we can shut down one of their many scams.








I would like to bring an ongoing issue to your attention. Evike, one of your affiliate retailers, is scamming customers of their money, using a number of different schemes. I speak for everyone when I tell you that this hasn't occurred once, but on almost every order that I know of. One of their many different schemes is that they will advertise parts saying that they are name brand, while in reality, they are not the real thing and are of inferior quality.




I shall reference to Syco54645, a member of a popular airsofting forum. He recently posted a topic saying of how truly rubbish Evike's service is. His friend ordered a Classic Army Large Front Handguard for his G36c. Evike sent him one that was split at the seams, and was glued with black putty. He also ordered a Magwell conversion kit and got a different brand than what was advertised. He called Evike and was able to set up an RMA return. To his amazement, he had to not only pay for shipping, but he also had to play in the competitive sport with improper gear.




Coming back to Syco54645, he also made an order from Evike. He ordered new fill valves for his Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 magazines and they sent him another brand, which did not fit the magazines. Before he ordered them, he had Evike confirm that they will in fact, fit that magazine. Upon receipt of the product, they were not compatible as advertised. He proceeded to email Evike, and they said that he should have done more research. They said that they would accept the return, but only if he would pay a 15 percent restocking fee. Again, ridiculous!




You will soon, without a doubt, know what I mean when I say that what they advertise is just a bit shady. One of their product descriptions (linked below) is not even written in true English. Grammar is terrible, and spelling is abysmal.




Just recently, Spartan Imports, one of their main suppliers, have now canceled Evike's account because they pull this all the time. Now they have their items "out of stock "due to poor Quality Control. Many of us airsofters are trying to terminate any connection they have with suppliers until they stop this. Below is a link to their reserved forum on one of the world's largest airsoft communities. You will be able to see that this is not the only time this has happened, and that this is not going to end. It's all your decision, but please, do us airsofters a favor and stop this.












Link to Evike's reserved forum at ArniesAirsoft.co.uk:






Link to Evike's poorly advertised product:






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That should do the trick. For those who don't know, that's G&G.

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