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Daytonagun M4 SP->AEG GBB review

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Hello world.


After i've recieved Escort HK416 i decided that it's cool to have a GBB, but it's bad to wait for ages waitnig for Escort to make what i need.


So the world send Justin to help :D . We've discussed the issue, I've provided him with pics, drawings and descriptions and he, with his experience in making SP GBB spare parts said - i can do that.


Money wired, 3 weeks passed, and TA-DA - Justin said he's done his own first AEG to SP GBB conversion.


The target was not to make 'cheap' SP GBB, but to make SP GBB with good internals, all mods which a man need to play 'out of the box', reasonable price and FAST production cycle.


I think it's now a reality - and all of this because of him.


After a 2 weeks of customs clearance, shipment claimed 'lost' at EMS and smthng like miracle when it was found under the pile of packages - the gun is at hands.




The donor gun is D-Boy M4. Well... not the best solutionm but we weren't shure how many AEG bodies will die during the research phase of the project and D-Boy is the cheapest one with quality enough for the money.


It's an ex-AEG - so the all linear sizes are from AEG. One of the main differences - it's the gas route from the pistol grip. Oh, Yes - it's the Clank of the bolt!
















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Internals are great. All steel and durable. They made with good quality - so 5+ for Justin for that.

Main differences from the base SP:

1) Better outer barrel to reciever part. It's close copy of Escort HK416

2) Changeble hop-up. The hole for adjustment is at flat-top of the reciever

3) Steel nozzle

4) SP Steel valve, fitted thru spacer to compensate differences between SP reciever inner diameter (and SP valve outer diameter) and AEG reciever inner diameter

4) Steel CNC trigger group. It's fitted into part of AEG gearbox, used as a spacer - good technical solution.

5) black steel bolt


The main issue - the gun cannot be disassembled like SP - by taking out just the rear pin. It's because of the spacer, which holds the reciver in space. So - you need to put 2 pins away and slide upper reciver forward to disassemble gun. Inner barrel is 6.08 with standart M4 lenght




























It will be at these weekend. I've just tested the system - it's cycles and fires the BB. :)



(of this exact gun)

- Price

- AEG parts compatibility

- Steel internals

- changeble hop-up



(of this exact gun)

- Chienese AEG body. But D-boy is 3++ if take that VFC is 5 - so overally it's good for the money.



It's good SP based GBB, which has all upgrades you'll need right 'out of the box' and it's twice cheaper than Escort.


Thanks for Justin and for me :D to participate in this project.





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May i know the total cost? And could you upload the pics, drawings and descriptions you sent Justin? Thanks :)


Hello, full detials of what Justin is offering can be found here.






Great review and thank you very much for the pictures, can you please tell how the recoil compares to the Escort HK416, or a SP?

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I've made a shoot-out of this baby today.


1. hop-up works, but need some teflon-tape mod - even at full screw down i couldn't make BB's climb.

2. Rather dissapointing 108 m/s (355FPS) with 0,25g BB at 140PSI - which equals 400FPS with 0.2g BB - (i thought it'll be around 450FPS with 0.2g BB)

3. Recoil is good.

4. D-boy's issue - recoil makes pin which fixes forward assist button to fly away. Button tends to go after pin.




"+" - can hit target 50 meters away. Has good recoil. Fully skirmishable out of the box.

"-" - has "low" power 400FPS with 0.2g BB (I was expecting it to be 15% higher), G&P AEG is a better donor (even for +200$ price)


Overal - Good, Skirmishable out of the box, Full steel internals.


Upgrades which should be done:

1. Need to have stronger recoil spring - to make FPS higher - may go as an option

2. Need to have teflon-tape hop-up mod

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Don't be surprised if it takes a bit longer than a month, especially if many orders start rolling in. Myself and a teammate had orders for various things from Justin, bless his heart because he does provide very good customer service and keeps in contact, that took well over a month.


As for 400fps/.2g.....that is plenty for most rifleman roles in the majority of the US, at least.

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I'm guessing he VTB is disappointed by the efficiency of the system rather than the max power. As he said, he was expecting more fps for a given PSI :)


These look very interesting compared to my AEGS !!


EDIT: Ah... doh! VTB replied while i was typing and it looks like he was looking for more outright power :P the kind that corrupts hehe

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Thanks for the update, looks like a winner :)


I second Justin's service, he always tells you at what state the product is, normally giving you picture updates :) But can take longer than a month.


VTB, can you tell me what the gas consumption is like? is it on par with a Escory/SP M16?

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I'll say 1PSI per shot. consumption is on par with Escort HK416.



for me this gun is a good dissapointment - with open limits for 160ms with .2g for full-auto and 190ms .2g bb semi-only noone will want to change AEG to GBB if GBB performs worse than AEG.


So i will stay the only one with it on the field.

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Even fully upgraded sun projects from sniperx only hit 350-400 fps. I say it's pretty good for an escort based gun



Well.... i'd like to mention that i know that (as an owner of Escort).


But in specs we've discussed with Justin the target of the project of building this gun was 130-140ms with .2g BB - and it's pity this project needs to be moved forward which will take additional time and money. :D

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I belive Daytonagun has already agreed to make a HK416 if you provide the body etc....now that could be an expensive thing to do, especially if you're going for the VFC unit, which seems to be getting rare these days.....


But there is a solution, and its not JG or AGM (God forbid)...no, check out the SRC HK416, yes, it has a few minor detail issues, and I mean minor, but that would be a good metal, full traded HK416 body that isn't very expensive and would be perfect for use in such a project as this.


Its the way I intend to go.....VFC = Great = Expensive

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Yeah, I see what you mean, I've owned the AGM for... one week.

Got the VFC DX version with battery stock, which cost me an arm so wouldn't dare to butcher it.

The SRC is only $80 cheaper than the basic VFC. Gotta try to find some high resolution pictures to see what are the differences.


So from what I can understand : you contact Justin through the CA forum, then send him your rifle ?

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well, I don't know of any "approved" way of contacting Justin....I just sent him an email.


I know what you mean about the VFC....I have one, and the thought of 1) posting it off into the unknown, and 2) butchering it.....well, it makes me very uneasy. I'm not sure how true this is, but take a look around, these VFC HK416 really do seem to be becoming rare, they're not even advertised on the VFC webiste....so my advice is to hold onto these rifles if you can.....could be a collector piece in the making.


I'd rather pay Justin the "extra" cash and let him buy the SRC (in HK, so its cheaper anyway) and modify it there and then, plus you also save on the shipping to get the rifle to him if it started off in your possession.

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