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Airsoft in inclement weather

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By the beard of Odin and the hammer of Thor, I command you to tell me the origin of that drop-dead secksy flecktarn varient.


Its the Chinese Type 03 Highland camo - aka, Tibettarn. I bought the fabric from a contact in China, and the suit was made by Felix Tactik in Quebec (www.felixtactik.com). I think he's getting some more material in to do another run. :D

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can anyone tell me where i can find some of these snow coveralls? id like to look at my various options... some snow MARPAT would be amazing, but it is pretty much impossible for even me to get.




Is this snowy enough?

Snow Smock

If so, I know TacGear makes more of that stuff, look for it on ASMC.de/en


For more snow stuff on ASMC:

Snow stuff


If not, I looked for this:

Snow suit


Hope I could help.

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