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M733 Colt Commando - "Blood Diamond Special"


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The paint is satisfactory - while it does wear (in high-contact areas such as around the trigger guard and the magazine well), it also holds up to use. I always put my equipment through the same kind of rough-and-tumble that I'm accustomed to.


Point is, this is a practical rifle, just like its counterpart on the silver screen.

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Sorry for the thread hijacking necropost but got directed to this thread by azianriptide as was doing a similar project. Is it ok if I post my build up?


I started with the base gun: G&P M16A2 shorty (had everything I needed on the back half- M16A2 receiver, stock etc, rather than faff around with installing a new metal body as I'm not quite technically confident- though that has changed with this build). I kept back the old handgrips, barrel and front sight from my old XM177 and sold the rest for parts.






Had a massive amount of trouble removing the d ring, so a zeroin user named Oli Kingwell very kindly switched the barrels over for me so I had the A2 upper receiver with the 177 barrel and front sight:




Next I added a G&P Car-15 sound suppressor flashhider.




The torch mount was the tricky bit really. I worked out it was probably a surefire classic AR15 mount:




However they were 70 dollars plus and couldn't find anywhere that shipped them to the UK from the states. So I filed the living *suitcase* out of a cheap £4 ACM barrel mount to fit it around the barrel beneath the front sight. I also had to remove the bayonet lug and front sling mount, as on the film version.






Reassembled everything with a TM pro scope, chinese carry handle mount, and solarforce 6p torch clone, and sprayed it up OD. I've also added a one point sling mount and a butt pad as my personal touches.








Just waiting on the khaki paint to finish it off now. Going to trim down part of the upper handgrip to attach velcro for the pressure switch as well :)





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I like it.


More "authentic" (as in more faithful to the film version) than my project was. Although I was never committed to 100% replication. Practicality came first and after two years of using that rifle in the field, it has held up well.


A word about painting:


You should have applied the khaki layer first. The rule of thumb for painting is that you apply the lightest color first. The conventional order should be khaki, OD, tan.


Although my rifle was not built to be 100% true to the film version, the paintjob was. If you have any doubts about that aspect of the project, kindly see my photos for reference.


When I painted my rifle, I applied the khaki first, spraying the entire rifle. Then I applied OD and tan in an offsetting "W" pattern. The AimPoint was painted separately.

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