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.50 cal project (browning m2hb)

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Noooo not electric! You have to make it gas blowback. Ours can be heard half way across our site when it opens up, thanks to the large amounts of steel being rammed back by that piston :) Now it's mounted in the land rover it's an "experience" to be driving and hear the M2 open up as it rings through the cab. Though it's more fun to be hanging off the gun strafing bushes as it goes down the road :D


As for dimensions, look on the Web log theres a link to some research pics, one has some dimensions.


Meh...pvc. It's a heavy machine gun, so it's built out of 3mm steel plating and holding it for longer than 30 seconds starts to make your muscles burn (that's without the shield, mount bracket etc)... it's a heavy machine gun :P Do it justice ;)



(I need to update the web log :o)

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I agree with Madcat and Dogman, make it a GBB if you can.

Someone in Norway made a .50 like that (I think it was based on the same system as the chaps above used) and I got to dry fire it a little during Berget 6.


The best thing was that it felt kinda like firing a real vehicle mounted .50 cal.

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