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Right, when opting to edit a post the user (or at least i do) has the option of having "Edited by" added to the bottom of their post. By default this is off.


Do we want to have normal users being able to edit their posts after posting without a warning being put on that post that it has been changed. Can forsee issues with sales threads with people changing the description after a deal has been agreed etc.

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Previous system with a time stamp when the post was edited and no edit option in sales threads or selected forums worked fine and could be adopted here.


I've edited the settings for the members group. Basically they can't edit their own posts after a period of 5 minutes after posting. Should give time to spot any errors.

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That is odd. By default you can't edit posts after 5 mins, I wonder if it's to do with your timezone or something relating to the clocktime. The edit button normally appears next to the quote and reply one.


Out of curiousity, go to your profile set the timezone to UK time and then try posting to see if the edit button reappears.

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I've increased the time limit on editing posts. That may help sort things out. If not I'll disable the edit timeout.


The feature is mainly there to stop anyone in the Forsale section editing a post after the fact, which may cause problems with the conduct of the sale.


At the moment posts that are edited will list "edited by... at " if edited after posting.

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Anything is possible, it's just working out a forum feature that applys to use, or modifying code by hand.


At the moment there's a global time across the board for posts, that should work, plus if anyone edits a post it will list that they have in their post.


This should be good enough for the ForSale areas for the moment, I hope.

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