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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Aye, that she does. CYMA, would you believe...I'm going to be swapping out parts on her though, putting on actual AKM grips, metal reciever, etc. I bought it off Belladonna, and all I've done to it so far is swapped out the front sight post, how it looks is down to her handiwork.

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It's a STAR GP-30 I got here in the forums. It doesn't fit on my ICS AK74 (contrary to the picture), but friction and a little e-tape fixed that. :D


It becomes more a super spread shotgun, rather than a concentrated burst of BBs. Madbull gold shells just barely stay inside the GP-30. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world. :P


Also, to note: Nero, your picture did spark the whole weathering activity of mine. Yours looks great!


Hahahaha, AKs really look unnatural without some weathering. Yours looks just right, and the GP-30 looks pretty hot, too.


I really want to grab a GP-30 from my local Airsoft place, but I think that my Real Sword Type 56 is going to come first. This is going to happen in a few weeks, I just bought a whole bunch of new gear. I can guarantee that once I get it, the wood and body are getting aged and weathered!

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WAY to clean for a 'Afwika' AK, beat the absolute ###### out of it (more than normal) and add some decoration to it, for example

-War paint

-Coloured studs in the wood

-Home made sling out of dirty ropes, wire etc

-Necklaces/ medallions hanging of the side



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The african Ak is based on a few RS AK's I had my hands on recently. The only pictures I have are of hungarian ones and I didn't get a chance to photograph the others. Basically there where a few AK's with bits added from other ak's to keep them working. I will post a picture in a few days of a heap of AK's that had been burned up. All that was needed to make them work again was some new furniture.


The pistol grip comes from a guarder AKMSU kit which I had lying around.


oh and yeah it does need beating up a bit which I will sort out...now wheres my hammer?


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Have you ever considered making an M76?

At my end of things, have a cyma ak on the way, possibility of reviving my groza project. I now have a gunsmith to help with the bulpup mod, he sais it's very easy as long as you do it to fine tolerences, so over to his house at some point.


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