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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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You are correct about the stock, im not able to lock it in folded position.



The lower handguard im using is from dragonredairsoft and the upper is a LCT vented steel upper handguard.

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Vestaa, Is that the Metal JG SVD or the Regular? I have been interested in getting a Metal verion to tinker with, but Decided agaced it.. need Feedback first.


^ Nice AKS ^ All it would need to Complete itself would be a nice Stock, I dont know the name of them, but Someone will direct one.. lol The look great, They are Stamped I belive. I will try to quote a nice pic somewere in here.


And I may FINALLY be getting an RK-02.. After waiting a Year and a half for a Steel RK-02, nut I dont think its going to happen.. I am just going to get a Regular one, and upgrade it, I have enough parts anyway! Best of all (I guess..) its the Gloss Verion.. I kinda like the Flat Black verion, but I think the gloss is more realistic..

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Thanks guys :D Im very glad you liked it.


J-Farr3 i got mine from wgcshop, unfortunately you will have to buy the complete gastube assembly for 69$. The vented handguard will have to be modifyed to fit a CYMA/TM but its easy to do. :)





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Guys I need your help. I'm getting my first real airsoft gun, I've dealt with LPEGs before and my brother owns a JG M4-S system clone. I want an AK-74 and I have narrowed it down to these two:


D-Boys AK-74 RK-05 Full Metal



D-Boys AKS-74 RK-02 Full Metal



I know the only difference between the two is the stock. I'm thinking the only difference would be weight. Would one be better than the other?




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