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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Based on how many people in this thread have fitted RS furniture with good results I thought it would be a drop in fit. In reality it actually took some sanding. The bottom half was easy but the top was too narrow to fit over the gastube and I had to sand it to make it wider on the inside.


EDIT: Not saying that people posting in this thread don't know what they're doing, just that since fitting the RS furniture was not as easy as I thought and since so many have done it, I figured there would've been some talk about it or something. But I can't remember anyone complaining that it was difficult.

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im wondering


do vfc's with folding stocks still have that bolt? if its still there, does it interfere with the battery compartment?


if you're talking about the full bolt with the gas piston, no VFC comes with it stock. and yes it would, you'd have to wire the gun to the stock.

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That's hot Yuri. Kinda makes me want to get the G&G rather then a KA Armalite.


Thanks Bunny. It's a coincidence that I was also debating between this gun and a KA armalite. I already had an AK, but you can't have too many. And the other one isn't as nice as this.

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Well I think I'll post my AKSU I posted a while back as I did some stuff to it and came up with a nifty sling mount idea that I'll try to explain. Also have an idea with questions for a friend's gun, and I have to tell about all the AKs I plan to buy/build this summer, as you're the only people who care to listen, lol.


But first, pics:



My Echo-1 CPM/Cyma CM.035. I put the muzzle from a JG Beta on because I liked how it looks better, stripped the silly silver paint off the bolt and repainted it, and made a sling mount/cheek rest thingy from a broken sling I found in the woods. It's more worn now too, part from normal use, part artificial wear done with ultra fine sandpaper and a dish scrubby pad thing. I didn't want to do much wear because I felt it would make it look new and very worn, I just wanted to accelerate the wear on the edges where the paint was already beginning to thin anyway.





I came up with this while just toying around trying to find a left side sling mount that worked well. What I think I did, was first stick the end of the sling with the loop on it through the sling mount, then between the bars of the stock, sticking out the left side. I looped the other end of the sling up around the top bar, then through the loop and then back between the bars to the right side, then it goes back through the sling mount, underneath the section of the sling that first went through the mount. Then I folded it back over the section it just went under, and went over the sling mount, and pulled it nice and tight. Then it goes back between the bars of the stock, sticking out the left side, and begins wrapping around the top bar until it gets to the end. At the end the sling gets tucked under the last loop, pulled tight to the butt of the stock, and then cut so only three or four inches of material remains, which is then shoved tightly in the channel of the top bar inside the wraps of webbing, where it appears to stay very secure. Don't ask me how I came up with it or to explain it any better, I made it up as I went and had to look at it carefully to explain it.





And my cheaper backup/loaner/I don't feel like bringing much stuff with me today guns. The JG Beta is amazing for the price, $62 from Gunner and it shoots about 390, is accurate, smooth, and well built. I like it a lot. To make it a little more believable as a real weapon I plan to put on SRC AKMSU style Beta handguards, and an Element aluminum PBS-1 suppressor, possibly an Element metal AK74 body and cut off the stock tangs and cap the end. I absolutely hate the RIS rail, and the suppressor is an old Guarder MP5N one I had lying around. The stockless AK47S is my $16 EBay prize, a UTG WarHawk/CM.028 that needed a selector switch and had a broken stock, it got the selector from my CM.035 (replaced with one from a CM.048), and some internal tuning, and it's pretty good. Only shoots 290 but it shoots pretty far, the hopup is pretty impressive.


I'm planning to get some nice AKs over the summer; I'm looking at building an LCT RPK using an Action 9mm gearbox (normally I'd build my own, but this gearbox looks impressive, and I don't want to spend as much as I would picking out every perfect part), planning on rewiring with a mosfet, not sure what motor, ProWin hopup, Madbull tightbore, Guarder 70* bucking and an H-nub, get a few MAG 140rnd RPK Mags and a STAR 2800rnd drum. I also want to buy a DBoys full steel SLR106UR (I know a lot of people think it's ugly, somehow I like it, it's kinda unique), a VFC AK74 and AKMSU, and perhaps a banged up old looking (well weathered) ACM AKM. Waiting for the RS Dragonuv and the rumored ACM PPSh-41 too.


My friend has been looking at the G&G AIMS, but he wants something a bit shorter. I showed him the AIR posted a few pages back, and he loved it, but he's not spending the $170 on the LCT front end. I then began thinking why not just build a nice gun like it from a DBoys and upgrade it, would cost less and look just as nice. I thought of getting the DBoys RK-08 AK-105 full steel, swapping on an older DBoys AKSU body we happen to have (since it has an older looking finish, whereas the RK-08 looks like it has a more textured matte black finish, and he wants a skeleton stock), then installing real steel Romanian handguards and an Element Bakelite grip. Then of course I'd go through the gearbox and install a nice hopup and tightbore. It would cost about $100 less than the G&G AIMS. I haven't spoken to him about it because he wants the AK for his birthday and his wife was maybe going to buy it for him, I'll have to ask him about the gun and then talk to his wife about it. But does that sound like a good idea for an AIR, even though the stock is wrong?

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Dboys RK-06/ AK74


I stripped all the wood, retained it with Minwax Red Oak stain, and a High Gloss Polyurethane.

I then lightly aged all the metal surfaces with some fine steel wool.

Finally I redid the internals with 2006-2007 CA Gears, King Arms 7mm bushings and a CA Yellow Piston.






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